JOEY SOH                               





One should come prescribe with venturesome attributes. Embedded within my idealistic philosophy is an explosive quantity of wilful naivety. There is always an element of play involved. A slightly naive and infantile way of doing things. Enclosed with passion and spontaneity as fuels, surveying life as unreality, I crave to restructure factual by romanticizing it dramatically!



Space Exhibition                                                                                 July 2005

TCC , NAFA SVA Building, Singapore


Chope A Seat Exhibition                                                                June 2005

Utterly Art Gallery, Singapore


2nd CDL Singapore Sculpture Award                                         May 2005

Singapore Art Museum, Singapore

Ngee Ann 3D Art Exhibition                                                               Aug 2004

Ngee Ann Cultural Center, Singapore

SVA Graduation Show 2004                                                              June 2004

NAFA SVA Building, Singapore

Interlude: An Exhibition of play in motion                                       Nov 2003

Millenia Walk, Singapore

8 pieces of…Exhibition                                                                       Apr 2003

 Middle Road Gallery, Singapore

More & Less  Exhibition                                                                     Jan 2003

Sculpture Square, Singapore

Hole & Time  Exhibition                                                                     Oct 2002

Middle Road Gallery, Singapore

8 weeks review Exhibition                                                                 Mar 2002

Middle Road Gallery, Singapore




Sculpture Carnival 2005                                                                      July 2005
Sculpture Square, Singapore


§     Participated as Artist to assist and guide public participants in art making.

International Snow Sculpture of the Quebec                                 Feb 2005
Winter Carnival, 2005 Edition
Quebec, Canada


§     Represented Singapore in this prestigious international event.


Sculpture Weekend                                                                            July 2004
Bishan Community Club, Singapore


§     Outreach art programmes initiated by Sculpture Society Singapore.

§     Ran workshops and assisted public in art making.

The Hopea Sangal Tree Sculpture Symposium                            Sept 2003
NAFA Wilkie Campus, Singapore


§     As a part of Sculpture Society Singapore, assisted Artists in wood carving and running children  wood carving workshops.

Programme for CSSP Launch                                                           June  2003
Punggol Field, Multi Purpose Hall, Singapore


§     I was the face/body painter in this event.

Art Inc II @ Tao Payoh Town Centre Amphitheatre      Feb 2003
Tao Payoh Town Centre Amphitheatre, Singapore     


§     Involved in recycled art making demonstration and assisting the public in art making

Writing for NAFA’s newsletter (NAFACTS)                                        Dec 2002

Nanyang Academy of Fine Art’s Newsletter, Singapore


§     Wrote an article on the artworks of the winners from NAFA for the  ‘Arts For Aids ‘ competition 2002.


NAC Bursary (Overseas) Award                                                           Aug 2005

§     National Arts Council, Singapore


Student Assistantship Scheme                                                           Sept 2003 

§     Nanyang Academy of Fine Art, Singapore


Sculpture Society Singapore                                                             July 2003

§     Accepted as Ordinary Member by the Sculpture Society Singapore committee


Bachelor in Art Theory                                                                         July 2005 – Current
University of New South Wales, College of Fine Art, Sydney

Diploma in fine Art                                                                                Jun 2001 – Jun 2004

Nanyang Academy of Fine Art, Singapore

§     Major in Sculpture

§      Minor in Multimedia