Jeremy Sharma


Jeremy studied at the LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts and graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology with a BA in Fine Art in 2003. He was the winner of the Della Butcher Award for excellence in Painting in 1999. Jeremy was a finalist at the Philip Morris Singapore-ASEAN Art Awards 2003 and recipient of the Action For Aids Award (open category) in 2001. In March 2004, he took part in an Artist-in-Residency Programme managed by LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts, at Studio 106, the former residential art studio of the late sculptor Ng Eng Teng. Jeremy is also a founding member of the multi-disciplinary art group, Kill Your Television (KYTV), which recently performed its work at the Seoul Fringe Festival in August 2004. His first solo exhibition was held at The Substation, Singapore in 2004.

Art Against AIDS 1999

First Prize
5 Bookmarks From A Memo Against AIDS
Jeremy Sharma
My painting represents the 5 most important aspects of fighting against AIDS. Ribbon: Knowing about AIDS does not mean you are immune to it. Open Heart: Represents your acceptance of AIDS and not discriminating against people with AIDS (PWAs) through hypocrisy and ignorance. Condom: The right sexual attitude comes with protection and knowing everyone is a potential target of HIV. Book: Education is the greatest weapon against AIDS. Milk Bottle: If not enough is done to help the thousands of children infected daily, how can we expect to protect our future children from this disease?

Source: Action against Aids

KYTV (Kill Your Television)
Kill Your Television (KYTV) was formed in early 2002. Based in Singapore it is best known for its performance art projects. In 2003, they embarked on several projects in collaboration with other groups like FUNdaMENTAL Multi-Disciplinary as well as dance company Arts Fission.

KYTV is the brain-child of Aaron Kao, Jeremy Sharma and Rizman Putra, graduates of the LASALLE-SIA College of The Arts, Bachelor of Fine Art degree programme. Besides being deeply rooted in a visual art foundation, they make music together in a band called TIRAMISU. KYTV was formed because they wanted an outlet to explore other artistic interests other than music and visual arts. Their concept for KYTV is to explore the boundaries of various art forms like writing, movement, music, painting, videography etc and to create new works. Since the birth of KYTV, this collective has become well known performance art practitioners in Singapore.
At present, KYTV are Aaron Kao, Rizman Putra, Jeremy Sharma, Dovan Ong, Choy Ka Fai and associate artists (Jon Chan, Serena Ho and Vijay Singh).


Project Graphite

Start Date:

End Date:

Opening: 21 Oct 2004, 6:30pm

Let's recall. As kids, what were inside our school bags on our way to school for drawing classes? Fast forward to the present. Given some graphite, six artists explore, interpret and re-discover the medium in their own ways.

Presented by KYTV (Kill Your Television) a local art collective formed in early 2002, active and known for its multi-disciplinary art projects. Project Graphite is its first visual art exhibition.

Drawing Workshop at Goethe: 23 Oct 2004
Conducted by the artists
Kids' session: 10am 12pm
Adults' session: 2pm 4pm

The Gallery
Goethe-Institut, Singapore
163 Penang Road #05 01
Winsland House II, Singapore

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday, 10am 7pm; Closed on Sundays

Asian Artist/s:
Ernest CHAN, Hueychian KHIEW, Dovan ONG, Rizman PUTRA, Jeremy SHARMA, Joohiang SIA


Plastique Kinetic Worms, 61 & 63 Kerbau Road. 28 July - 7 August 2004.

An interdisciplinary production in two parts: the performance, If the Universe, between Circle and Ellipse, Slips and the sound and visual exhibition, Sounds Like Mirrors

The work is conceived and directed by interdisciplinary artist, Susie Lingham.

An extraordinary team of 17 Singaporean artists from various disciplines.

Susie Lingham
Concept, Text, Performance & Curatorial Direction, Voice

Choy Ka Fai
Video, Movement, Visual Work

Sabrina Chong
Movement, Voice, Projection Coordination

Min Goh
Performance Work, Project Coordination, Journal Keeper

Joyce Toh
Project Overview

Scarlet Yu

Rizman Putra
Voice, Visual Work, Movement

Gwen Tan
Body Installation, Visual Work

Larry Seow
Space & Visual Work

Ahmad Abu Baker
Visual Work

Heleston Chew
Visual Work

Jeremy Sharma
Visual Work

Valerie Yang
Visual Work

Jacquelina Heng
Visual Work

Mohamed Fita Helmi

Technical Direction, Documentation

Nur Azna
Video/sound coordination, documentation