A travelling video programme
Curated by Jennifer Teo

A selection of short films, documentaries and video art by Singaporean artists and filmmakers.

As a supplement (or indeed, alternative) to visiting Singapore, SEE SINGAPORE! presents images and perspectives not provided by official travel guides and rarely experienced by tourists Singapore as experienced and/or imagined by Singaporeans.

Questioning, nostalgic, resigned, celebratory, kitsch, and at times without emotion, this selection not only reflects the Singaporean psyche but represents the complex and uneasy relationships we have with our country.

Tania Sng : Singapore ... Dream
Royston Tan : Hock Hiap Leong
Bertrand Lee: Trishaw
Sweet Sight Films : Bah Zhang Joe
Lee Sze-Chin : Mr. Lee presents: Mr. & Mrs. Lee's Chinatown Tour
Heman Chong : East Coast Recreation Centre (24 Snapshots of a perimeter beach) (co-directed by Isabelle Cornaro), SMC80, The Legend of Redhill (A murder mystery), Nathalie part en voyage, Connection, Depot Road Afternoon
Wilkie Tan : An Analysis of UFO Photographs
Jennifer Teo : NR1 (Serangoon Sunday), NR2 (P.I.E.), NR5 (Dover)
Jeremy Hiah : Zai's Wedding
Yazer Aziz : Bidadari
Sherman Ong : The Ground I Stand


A Vision for Tomorrow
Curated by p-10 and scab

Date: 4 September - 5 November 2006 (By appointment only)
Venue: Space A

Chng Nai Wee
Urich Lau
Lim Kok Boon
Matthew Ngui
Woon Tien Wei

A Vision for Tomorrow is an exhibition of proposals for the future.



22 April 2005, 7.30 pm - 10 pm

The bilateral exchange project between The Substation and Para/Site involves an investigative dialogue into arts and cultural space in Singapore and Hong Kong. The first phase of the exchange saw a visit by Para/Site artists to Singapore in February 2005, where they visited arts spaces and interviewed people working in arts and culture.

The Symposium at The Substation will see the presentation of a Hong Kong perspective, with discussions and responses from Singaporeans. The Singapore respondents include Lee Weng Choy, Artistic Co-director of The Substation, Ho Tzu Nyen, artist/writer, and Jennifer Teo, co-founder of art space p-10.

Topics presented in the Symposium include: cultural awakening in the wake of Hong Kong's post-97 economic downturn; public housing development in Hong Kong and the concept of "home"; considering the city as a laboratory for new business, ideas, art work, and urban space in cinema.

An independent project space started in Feb 2004 by Tien, Jennifer and 3 other artists, with a focus on the development of artwork and the areas surrounding the practice of art.


The Artists Village

Jessica Voorsanger

25th May in YNKB

YNKB at Ydre Norrebro where DM had invited The ArtistsVillage to project videos. YNKB (Outer Norrebro CultureBureau) works with a very social agenda in their local comunity.Ydre Norrebro is a very rough area of town, but also containsmany resources, mainly because of its rich imigrant population.Jennifer Teo had come all the way from Singapore to present aprogram of works by Singaporean artists. The idea was to project the work from the caravanonto the YNKB No Name space window. It shouldhave been an easy job, however, thecnique showed tobe difficult. Simple matters turning really complicated.The work ended up on a monitor inside the YNKBspace. Quite a fiew people turned up, and there werealot of discussion around the local situation and thesituation art practice in Singapore. Sunday 26th May, Techinique was working again, and Singaporean work was projected on the YNKB win-dow, making it relate more to the street and bypassers. Speaker were placed inside the YNKB No Name space.