Imdiu Wong


UTTERLY ART presents

an expeditionary adventure by Imdiu Wong and Yong Tai Si

Guest of Honour: Mr Bernard Harrison
CEO, Bernard Harrison & Friends

Opening preview and reception
Thursday 12th June 2003 7.30 pm
Utterly Art Exhibition Space
208 South Bridge Road 2nd Level, Singapore 058757
Tel: 6226 2605
Mon-Sat 11.30 am - 8 pm Sun 12 noon - 5.30 pm
The exhibition runs through to Sunday 22nd June 2003.

Animal lovers unite! Proceed to Utterly Art Exhibition Space where artists Yong Tai Si and Imdiu Wong have captured a rambunctious menagerie of animals on canvas and paper for your select viewing pleasure! Stare in amazement at the bewildering diversity of fauna on show, from capricious crocodiles to alluring angelfish! Gawk at the gleeful parade of wildlife, clad in chromatic radiance as brushed in oil by Tai Si, or pouting with pernicious prickliness as drawn in ink by Imdiu.

The exhibition brings together two young ladies, both former classmates in the LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts, with individually idiosyncratic styles for a combined zoological display. Ultimately, both artists use animals to investigate subconscious change: incremental conversions that occur whilst we react to a continually changing mundane routine. Their art captures frozen moments of which we might be otherwise unaware, precious seconds which might otherwise go unnoticed. Journey with the artists in their personal safari as they chart new territory in exploring vignettes from the subliminal cracks in our lives.