Heleston Chew Khai Suen


Heleston Chew is the recipient of 2002 NAC Overseas Arts Bursary and Tasmania University International Scholarship. Full time artist with commissioned sculptures at the Singapore Turf Club.


Title of work: You or me? was shown at Visions and Illusions show.

Year: 2001

Medium: Plastic, light bulbs, wood & 2-way mirror

Dimensions: 240 x 90 x 90 cm

Hologram faces appear in a mirror creating a surprising and surreal effect. Based on our visual perception that is always affected by time, space, events, other beings, emotion, status etc. The three faces represent "elements" in our vision that has no movement but "they" will "move" or "interact" with us only when come in contact with our vision, hence the perception of the world and self.


Chisel & Mallet

620, 09, Jurong West Street

65, 640620