Hasan Zolkifly Bin Abdul Rahim

Lecturer, NIE, 2004

BA (Ceramics), Ulster

A potter by training, he graduated from the University of Ulster in 1989 and pursued postgraduate studies at the Kilkenny Design Centre in Ireland. He was the first non-EC person to be awarded a grant by the Irish Education Board to study postgraduate Design and Management. On his return to Singapore in 1991, he set up his own studio, Purple Bench Pottery, where he continues to practice his craft. His works are mainly wheel-based although he also expresses himself in sculptural forms. His philosophy of using materials which can be found locally is evident in his use of glazes which frequently incorporate local clays, granite dust, wood and charcoal ash from trees indigenous to Southeast Asia. Hasan has exhibited in Singapore, Ireland and the United Kingdom. His works have been acquired by local and overseas organisations. He has conducted talks, demonstrations, workshops for the public both locally and abroad. He is currently investigatinf materials, firing techniques, and forms used in the production of Shino wares. In addition, Hasan is experimenting with vegetation as a primary glass former and surface and texture production in high temperature sagger firing.

Source: NIE