Hamidah Jalil

born 1960



Love are forms of communication, commitment, understanding, sharing and many more.

Feelings of love begins from the heart and soul.

Temporary love is between humans; permanent love is between humans and the "All-Mighty" because the feeling of love is the greatest gift from God and is so divine.

Group Shows:
1992: Group Show in the Jubilee Intan Gallery- Johore, Malaysia
1993: Karya Seni Rasajagat 1993- Shah Alam, Kuala Lumpur
1994: “Celebrating Malacca”- Malaysia Towards 600 Years”
Singapore Art Federation, “Miniature Art”
“Action ’94”, NAFA Gallery Singapore
1995: “Contemporary ’95 Art Exhibition”, Atrium Gallery, Marina Mandarin, Singapore
“Malay Artists” – Singapore Malaysia, Gallery Petronas,
Kuala Lumpur
1996: “Contemporary ’96 Art Exhibition”, Substation Gallery, Singapore
1997: “Contemporary ’97 Art Exhibition”, Substation Gallery, Singapore
1998: “Contemporary ’98 Art Exhibition”, Substation Gallery, Singapore
Fremantle Arts Centre, Perth, Australia
1999: Sunjin Gallery, Dalkeith Rd, Singapore
2000: “Contemporary 2000”, Singapore Calligraphy Centre
2001: Group Show, Singapore and Malaysian Artists, Hotel Puri, Malacca
2002: Private Exhibition with Taner and Minay, Singapore
2003: “Different Races, United Passion” Racial Harmony Day 2003 Art Exhibition, Braddell Heights Community Club Exhibition Hall, Singapore