cordially invites you to the opening reception of
The Ganesha Show
Guest-of-Honour: Mr Inderjit Singh
Member of Parliament for Ang Mo Kio GRC

Friday 5th Sept 2003 7.00 pm
Utterly Art Exhibition Space
208 South Bridge Road 2nd Level, Singapore 058757
Tel: 6226 2605 E-mail:
Mon-Sat 11.30 am - 8 pm Sun 12 noon - 5.30 pm
The exhibition runs from Wednesday 3rd Sept to
Sunday 14th Sept 2003.

The Ganesha Show is presented by Gnani Arts with the aim of paying homage to the artistic depiction of Ganesha, the extremely popular Hindu god. This will be done through a showcase of exceptional original paintings and drawings by artists from mainly Tamil Nadu (South India).

The elephant-headed Ganesha is unarguably the most adored god in the Hindu pantheon. His image brings luck, wisdom and auspiciousness, as he is revered as the remover of obstacles, the imparter of wisdom, and the embodiment of OM (the primeval vibration of the universe). The worship of Ganesha, in his many forms and incarnations, has made its way to many parts of the world apart from India, such as Tibet, Japan, China, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia (Bali & Java), Singapore, Malaysia, Borneo, Mexico and Central America.

Indeed, the form and shape of Ganesha has become the most utilized concept in the contemporary visual arts of India, be it painting, drawing, sculpture, carving or printmaking. The very form of Ganesha, with its intertwining curves and circular proportions, has become an ever-intriguing platform for creative experimentation. The Ganesha Show will display the various depictions of Ganesha by the participating artists, through individual styles and mediums. The artists include senior and upcoming ones such as Alphonso Doss, Rajavelu, G. Raman, Mohan Kalyani, P. Sridhar, S. Kumar, Rama Suresh, Ramesh, J. Kalidass, Anu Jain, Sarbani Bhattacharya and P. Gnana.

NB It's a FRIDAY opening this time folks, at SEVEN pm!

Contact Gnani Arts at 9004 0672.