Friday Artist Talk : Felicia Low
Date : 26 August 2005
Time : 2.30pm - 4pm
Venue : #B3-08
NAFA Campus 1B
80 Bencoolen Street
Singapore 189655
Admission : FREE

An artist always exists within a space and the art piece has to negotiate and communicate with others within that space. The work shown for this talk looks at how art is approached and approaches others within a public space. Set within a specific space or community, art begins to negotiate history, territory and public expectations to forge a piece that speaks of both the artist and others.

Felicia graduated with a fine art degree from Goldsmiths College, London in 1999. Past works include performances, installations and video installations which deal with various themes. These themes are often site-specific, or focused on certain human aspects of the community on site. Her works are also often based on human interaction and the memorable experiences gleaned from such interaction. Recent work include Grow! At SGH in collaboration with the Lightweight Club of SGH ( March-July 2005).


2005 Outstanding Youth in Education Award

Felicia Low Ee Ping, Subject Head for Art at CHIJ Katong Convent, is an educator who strongly advocates that education should feed both the mind and soul.

As a subject head, she is instrumental in introducing a variety of innovative strategies to motivate students to develop an interest in the Arts. She researches and collaborates with drama educators in developing an interactive approach in teaching. She initiated a drama education programme to engage her Normal Technical students in their studies. To further develop students’ interest, Felicia also introduces new art forms to Upper Secondary Art students. Through programmes and activities students are given opportunities to create ceramic sculptures and 3D sculptures on their own accord for the School’s Art Gallery. As a firm believer in providing time and space to enable creativity, she allows her students to work at their own pace and to develop their own individual styles.

Felicia is acutely attuned to the needs of those around her, especially the disadvantaged. Through her lessons and the way she conducts herself, she imparts the values of care and empathy to her students. In response to the Tsunami disaster, she took charge of the school’s contribution to relief efforts and mobilized students, teachers and parents in various projects. One example was the ‘Water For Life’ project where she got students to contribute bottles of mineral water to be shipped to Sri Lanka and Indonesia.

Felicia believes in bringing art to the community. Over the years, since graduating from Goldsmith College in 1999, she has contributed in various projects to harness art to benefit the community at large. She is a founding member of ‘Arts Without Limits’, a non-profit network of artists and educators specializing in various art forms and social work within correctional and rehabilitative institutions to help troubled youths. Felicia is also a volunteer facilitator for Art and Drama Workshops and volunteers her skills in art therapy workshops at the Singapore General Hospital.

For her devotion to the holistic development of her students and her passion to reach out and touch the lives of many through art, Ms Felicia Low Ee Ping is awarded the Outstanding Youth in Education Award 2005.



14.03.06 Tue 06.00pm till 24.03.06
A show of artwork based on educational insights

Having been teaching for the past five years, it is difficult for performance/installation artist, Felicia Low, to not think about education when it comes to thinking about where the next art piece is to come from.
Education is a big part of Low, a bigger part of the present Singaporean child, and does eat up a considerably big part of our national budget.
Education is important.

In school, educators can only try to teach, impart values, ‘mould the future of our nation’. Deviant students however, always find their way to seep through the cracks of perfection and glorious goals set for them. Deviant students, delightfully, tread on the fine line of what we want of them and what they want for themselves. The education that emerges is a conversation, a tiny tug-of-war between what is expected and the inner outcome of each student. Personalities surface, character blooms.



Arts Without Limits is a network of artists and educators specializing in the arts and social work working within correctional as well as rehabilitative settings, with an aim to use aesthetic methodologies in encouraging freedom of creative expression and promoting communication, positive social interaction, inner healing, and self-esteem. The team currently comprises of Felicia Low, Noorlinah Mohamed, Yap Ching Wi, Shireen Abdullah and Edmund Chow.