LASALLE-SIA presents a showcase of New Art by Singapore’s emerging artists

Tuesday, 20 September 2005

LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts’ Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore presents New Contemporaries: New Art from LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts, an exhibition that showcases the creative talent of young and emerging artists of the College.

New Contemporaries: New Art from LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts aims to examine LASALLE-SIA’s dynamic and continuing contribution to the artistic landscape. It will highlight the significant pedagogical role that the College has played in the continuing development of contemporary art in Singapore featuring new, never before seen works by its students and graduates. Visitors will see the diversity, dynamism, vitality and complexity of artistic practices which epitomise the creative practice of these 15 outstanding, emerging artists from the College’s Faculties of Fine Arts and Media Arts. More importantly, this exhibition will serve as a national platform to showcase Singapore’s young art practitioners who display promising potential and commitment to further contribute to the development of Singapore art and illustrate the country’s capabilities as a regional and international arts hub.

Comments Dr Eugene Tan, Director, Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore, “This exhibition fulfills one of the key missions of the Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore, namely to showcase and promote the work of emerging artists locally and internationally. The artists in the exhibition represent some of the most exciting to emerge from LASALLE-SIA and Singapore, and following its exhibition in Singapore, plans are currently being finalised for the exhibition to tour to other venues in Asia and Europe.”

The artists to be showcased include outstanding BA (Hons) Fine Arts graduate Jane Lee, who works with different media such as acrylic, fabric and wood and manipulates them to create unexpected results.

In addition to painting, sculpture and installation, visitors can also expect to see new media works, highlighting the growing significance of this art form in contemporary art practice in Singapore. Freelance multimedia designer, Ajeet Mansukhani, a Media Arts degree graduate, will showcase a new interactive media work. Over the past two years, Ajeet has represented Singapore at international contemporary art exhibitions in Rome, Venice and Belgrade which feature young artists.

New Contemporaries: New Art from LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts will be held at LASALLE-SIA’s Earl Lu Gallery from 23 September to 16 October. The exhibition is part of the National Arts Council’s Singapore Art Show 2005, the biggest curated local art show held to date, and a national platform for both established and up-and-coming local young art practitioners.

About the Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore
Established by LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts, the Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore is devoted to the exhibition and research of international and Asian contemporary art. Through its exhibition programme at its facility, Earl Lu Gallery, as well as its extensive programme of publications, conference and research activities, it aims to further the discourse on contemporary art in Asia.

Participating Artists

Haslinda Binte Abdul Rahman
Munirah Binte Ahmad
Muhammad Fareez Bin Ahmad
Chio E-Xian
Gordon Koh
Jane Lee
Lin Bao-Ling
Ajeet Mansukhani
Jane Porter
Ana Prvacki
Shubigi Rao
Andre Tan Chih Wei
Teresa Tay
Toh Hun Ping
Junaidi Iskandar Wa’ee

Exhibition Duration 23 September – 16 October 2005
Sponsor Lee Foundation
Time 10am - 6pm (including Sundays)
Venue Earl Lu Gallery, LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts
90 Goodman Road, Singapore 439053


Animal Instinct

– a multidisciplinary group show by Tania De Rozario, Ye Shufang, Tan Wee Lit, Dana Lam, Hazel Lim, Shubigi Rao, Jane Porter, Marcia Ong, Joy Lee and Koh Tien Gui

Working on various levels, Animal Instinct is a multi-disciplinary exhibition that aims to address various parallels between art-makers and their animal companions. Artists’ intentions are often misinterpreted or mis-explained by third parties; animals have had their actions and intentions similarly misinterpreted by human beings. Animals as aesthetic or artistic symbols also lend interesting perspectives to various aspects of cultural and religious ideas. Examining notions of language and (mis)communication, the show aims to uncover/define a framework of instinctive processes that surface with any form of art-making and with the interpretation of a given concept.

Animal Instinct features the works of artists who will use a variety of visual languages in an attempt to make sense of the strange parallels between art, artists and animals, not only addressing our relationship to the creatures we share our world with, but examining the gut feelings that come into play when addressing a specific issue in order to create a work. How does one’s own animal….or artistic…. instincts come into play when making art?

Utterly Art Exhibition Space
208 South Bridge Road #02-01
Singapore 058757
Tel: 6226 2605