Falling Inwards by Ein

1 to 30 July 2005

at Art-2 Gallery, 140 Hill Street #01-03, MICA Building, Singapore 179369. Tel (65) 338 8713 Fax (65) 338 8337 Open 11am Ė 7pm daily except Sundays & public holidays. Admission is free.

Finally, the long awaited feature of Einís work is here. After taking some time out to focus on her newborn son, Ein started painting this new series since early 2005. Like her previous work, these introspective mixed media abstract paintings are innerscapes of inner journeys. They are intimate in nature, inviting the viewer to come in physically close to view them.

This series is also a celebration of night, a time where Ein gets most inspirational. The sound of night time; insects and bats, the wind, rustling of leaves, the silence & peacefulness, minus the hustle and bustle during the day, allows one to be closer to oneself. The darkness in some of these paintings is associated symbolically with serenity and depth rather than the negativity of darkness. Colours are used in a way that serve to represent the different magical, miraculous experiences that one would encounter in life, which cannot be described in words. With colours appearing from among the darkness, they seem luminous and present a pleasant surprise for the viewer.

Ein, now residing in Germany, was born in Singapore in 1968. She completed her Fine Arts studies with Honours at Kingston University, UK. Her works have been featured in two Bonhams auctions in 1991and 1992, and Shell Discovery Art Exhibition in 1993. In 1996, some of her work was exhibited at the Taipei International Art Fair. Ein has travelled extensively, residing in UK as well as India. Her paintings started off with the use of naÔve animals as symbols of the self and others. Forms appear flotsam and whimsical from the artistís imagination. The paintings have a magical childlike quality that constructs the real world and our perception of it. Some of Einís paintings can be seen at the National Library.