On 9 September 2005, the new Art et Domain Showroom and Decoration House will finally be revealed to a discerning audience in its much awaited launch, showcasing its latest Echoes of Eternity exhibition. Its mission is dedicating art to only one subject: Your Life.


Art as Communication

Art et Domain is a decoration house known across Asia. Since its founding in 1994, it has worked on this philosophy: every individual's life is a work of art, and a dwelling especially should express and complement the dweller's unique life and dreams.

Rather than simply scatter isolated personal ornaments in a sterile space, Art et Domain uses the whole area as a blank canvas on which to paint the dweller story. This is done through habitat decoration, art consultancy (where Art et Domain will advise and assist you on procuring and using art & accessories for your space) or the simple purchase and use of one of their eloquent artworks.

The impact of Art et Domains expertise is stunningly apparent in its showroom. Each tailored for a specific personality; viewers may see sculpturally designed furniture, artistic draperies and furnishings, lighting effects, unique 2d art and 3d sculptures. Art does not stop here, for the Decoration House's forte is in furnishing whole walls, ceilings and floors to complement the art products, thus making an entire interior setting an expressive piece of art.


Function and Aesthetics

Far from being complex and incomprehensible, the creations are chic, fluid and functionally fitted to the dwellers’ existing space and lifestyle. They become beautiful tools that not only narrate and inspire the dwellers; lives; but also help in the daily living of them. In their new showroom, you will find artistic feature panels, which double up as cabinet doors, intriguing glass art that serves as table tops and even sculptures as table bases.


Artistic Adaptation

Naturally, finding something to fit every idea requires a wide net of resources. The founders of Art et Domain; are Singaporean arts graduate and Business Administration Masters holder Joseph Lim (Annex 1.1) and architect graduate Phoebe Yang (Annex 1.2), whose fund of expertise spans fine arts, graphics, painting, architecture, interior design and sculpture. Together, the partners have created the homegrown Art et Domain and nurtured it into a burgeoning regional art enterprise.

Most significantly, they draw on the skills of in-house artists, designers, framers and carpenters from across the world. Evidence of collaboration among various talents and cultures is apparent throughout the seamless gallery designs. Art et Domain is constantly seeking out and developing new art and artists. One of its missions is becoming a launching pad for international artists which infuse their contemporary work with Asian flavour. Art et Domain has devoted much effort to planting their works throughout the continent.


Flawless Fusion

Looking at Art et Domains individual pieces, it is obvious that it is not just the whole, but each detail in a space is perfectly finished artwork and perfectly fitted to the dweller.

Although the company has grown significantly throughout the years since its inception, Phoebe and Joseph still take time personally to whittle at every intricacy of the creative process. From conceptualizing of innovations in art forms and paintings, assessing client briefs, visiting sites to delivering of the final art works, they work very closely with their team of professionals, attesting their passion and love for the craft very close to their hearts. Whether by placing jade pieces on the backs of chairs, making subtle designs on frames or creating loud and artistic feature walls, each nuance: ancient and modern, Western and Asian, steel and satin; is an individual work of art that is then fused into the kaleidoscope of the dwellers individuality.

Art et Domain continues to provide habitat decoration and artwork consultancy services across Asia, expressing the visions of dwellers and developers in showunits, hotels and home and work habitats throughout Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia (Annex 1.3). Its work has been featured in art exhibitions and prestigious magazines and dailies throughout the region.

Art et Domain invites you to come immerse yourself in the collective visions of the artists and habitat dwellers, but more importantly, in timeless tranquil glamour.

From 6.30 - 9pm on 9 September, party with Art et Domain; at its opening launch; also the opening of the awaited Echoes of Eternity exhibition. This special showcase will run from 10-30 September, everyday from 10.30am - 7pm.

In this exhibition themed on Eternity, Art et Domain will show specially commissioned international artworks that depict time-transcendent beauty. This may be through surreal landscapes and skyscapes; the enigmatic use of movement; or even the glistening glory of crystals. The exquisite works melt into different moods and meanings when they are viewed from contrasting angles, and will leave you with a memory of Forever.


About Art et Domain

Since its founding in 1994, homegrown company Art et Domain, has been taking flight regionally and increasing in repute throughout Asia as the provider of distinctive high-quality artwork and habitat decoration/ consultation services. It has galleries and decoration houses in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore, with clients spanning homeowners, property developers, hotels, corporate clients, designers and even architects. Its creations have been showcased in exhibitions both in and outside its galleries, as well as featured in prestigious regional dailies and magazines. It continues to create individualized artistic environments with a growing team of cutting-edge in-house artisans. The members of this team are found from all over the world, as part of Art et Domain's efforts to nurture and launch emerging professionals from all over the world who infuse contemporary art with Asian flavour.




Joseph Lim

Master of Arts; Boston University, 1994

Master of Business Administration; Boston University, 1994 Bachelor of Arts - National University of Singapore, 1986-1989


Founder of Art et Domain since 1994

Joseph is an art connoisseur, artist, interior decorator and many more. It is his keen business sense and his passionate love for all things artistic, that leads Joseph to set up Art et Domain immediately upon his return from Boston.

Joseph leads a team of professional designers, decorators, stylists and artists to fulfill many successful interior projects ranging from hotel hospitality works to residential and show units. He is also the appointed stylists and decorators for many developers and the rich and famous.

Art et Domain has strived under his leadership and despite all this, Joseph remains a very hands-on person, assessing all his projects personally and making sure that all of the assignments are successfully completed to the final touch.





Phoebe Yang

National University of Singapore, School of Architecture 1985-1988 Bachelor of Arts Architectural Studies


1998 - Present Art et Domain; Director

1994 -1998 Designphase Singapore; Director for Residential

1991 -1994 Designphase Jakarta Country Manager

1988 -1991 Designphase Singapore; Senior Designer/ Team Leader

Co-Director of Art et Domain

Phoebe's training in architecture and ability to speak various languages has proven to be an asset in both local and overseas assignments. Her all-rounded experience in commercial, hospitality, retail and residential assignments have kept her versatile, achieving success in all her projects.

Her three-and-a-half-year stint in Jakarta has reinforced her approach of uniting art with interior space. Having worked in a country with so much culture and art to offer, she realize that Singapore interior scene should now take on more identity.

After 10 years of Directorship in a design firm where she headed 60 staff members, Phoebe saw the need to establish a more holistic approach to art and design for herself. Thus she joined her husband Joseph in the regional marketing and branding of Art et Domain. She is actively involved in product development of artistic furniture and art forms, and also oversees Art et Domain's franchise showrooms and future expansion plan.