Damien Lock

Damien is a practicing New Media sound artist who creates contemporary works using tools at his disposal. Recently he has been working on pieces about his immediate acoustic surroundings, with a focus on mixed media installations. Currently his interests include sonification, tuning theory, auditory spatialization and soundfile database design.

After graduating from Sydney University where he drank many cups of coffee with Dr Greg Schiemer, he moved to Singapore to take up an academic position in a film school at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Here he taught audio post production on Sonic Solutions and Pro Tools. He then developed the curriculum to expand the post studios and incorporate Surround Sound for film and acoustic ensemble recording.

Currently he is working as a freelance artist and continues to lecture-at Lasalle SIA where he is developing an interactive sound component for the multimedia arts diploma course.

He participated in the Don't Let Sleeping Androids Lie show at the Substation 2005.



Old ideas in a new medium.
Using computers and real-time synthesis, common objects and electronics, Lulu Ong and Damien Lock will take these three old themes; Wood, Water and Glass, to form the foundation of 3 tracks to be presented using current sounds and gestures.


Don't Let Sleeping Androids Lie - a sixth anniversary exhibition
In this exhibition, artists are challenged to create interactive environments; invisible or ‘natural' environments over passive art installations.

Showcasing the new works of…

Lulu Ong…
“Study in light, sound and movement” - constructed as a visual composition, the sculptural musical instrument is operated by mechanical and electronic components to create a musical composition.

Damien Lock…
“Shades of Light” – a conscious sea of poetry and recitation interacting with the physical motions of the body, reflecting upon the place of poetry and literature in contemporary daily life.

Brian Gothong Tan…
“Artificial Landscapes level4 version1.0” - an interactive 4-channel new media installation that explores the relationship between our concepts of how the virtual world interacts our concepts of reality.

Gary Lim and Kenneth Chee…
“Surrealism versus Virtual Reality” - collaborating closely with The NUS Mixed Reality Lab, the artists will use virtual reality to create a perceived reality.

Date: 9 Jun - 28 Aug
Venue: Sculpture Square
155 Middle Road Singapore 188977
Admission: Free
Enquiries: 63331055



Proceedings of the 2002 International Conference on Auditory Display, Kyoto, Japan, July 2-5, 2002


In this year’s ICAD we have included an art section in the hope that future ICADs might continue to explore some of the arguably less utilitarian aesthetic implications of auditory display. Due to budget and space restrictions, we could only manage to host one installation work this time. The work presented here is Acoustic Acclimation by Singapore-based artists and composers, Lulu Ong and Damien Lock who work together under the name Coscilia. The work itself is not a literal ‘aesthetically pleasing sonification of data-sets’ kind of piece. Rather, Acoustic Acclimation explores the relationship between sound and meaning, together with how they combine to establish a sense of place. It is hoped that exposure to such works in future ICAD events might stimulate attendees’ thinking about the crucial mapping stage of auditory display, and the interplay between data, information and meaning that concerns both scientists and artists.

Rodney Berry and Naotoshi Osaka Demo and Exhibitions Chair