Chua Xin Yuan


PKW 4th Annual Show: FLAGS

In conjunction with Gwangju Biennale 2002:

Chua Xin Yuan, Tan Wil-ke, Vincent Leow, Lee Yvonne, Patrick Bealieu, Juliana Yasin, Ian Woo, Milenko Prvacki, Zainudin Samsuri, Lim Shing Ee, Laura Soon, Eddie Hara, Colin Reaney, Karee Dahl, Gilles Massot


EVENTS@ PASSAGE (26 Jul Aug 2003)

Import/ Export

A cross-cultural visual arts project travelling from

The Substation to the National Institute of Education.

Import/Export is a project involving undergraduates from the University of Ottawa (Canada) and graduates of the National Institute of Education (Singapore). The students of both institutions were engaged in a process of exchanging and sharing information, views, and sensibilities via email, leading to the development of works to be exhibited both in Singapore, and Ottawa.

These diverse works range from digital photographic prints to installations and video art. A video montage will also be projected onto a wall showing several clips of video art created by the Canadian undergraduates, including the ones that they have sent to their Singaporean counterparts for selection.

Participating artists


Bonnie Findley/ Dominique Lafontaine/ Holly Loranger/ Jocelyne Sabourin/ Krissy Darch/ Marcia Ann Ali/ Rachelle Viau/ Stephen Weir


Ho Soon Yeen/ Sylvia Goh/ Nathanael Tan/ Edmund Heng/
Chua Xin Yuan/ Lee Foo Koon, Frank/ Betsy Toh/ Lee Siew Weng




List of works:
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Untitled (Ceramic Shophouses)

Choh Fah Cheong
Ta Pao Art

Chua Xin Yuan & Loh Zong Yuan

Han Kiang Siew
Big Plans, Small People

Khiew Huey Chian
Cleaning - Work in progress

Willie Koh
I Luv Chinatown

Lai Chee Kien

Lee Hong Hwee, Michael

Lee Sze-Chin
Mr Lee present: Mr. & Mrs. Lee's Chinatown Tour

Lee Yvonne & Jezlyn Tan
I Beg Your Pardon

Lin Qing Jiang, Terence & Lee Hong Hwee, Michael
Sign, everywhere, anywhere

Lye Li Miang, Dorathy

Gilles Massot
3am. Identity: Closed, 2-10-01. Identity: Lighted

Jerome Ming
Cross Roads

Guo Liang
Untitled (Do Nothing At All)

Tan Wil-kie

Jezlyn Tan
The Art Informant

Colin Reaney
Art - Artist - Artistic - Artwork
You are now entering an art zone

Zainuddin Samsuri & Jezlyn Tan
Our Home, Let's Make it a Better Place