Choy Ka Fai is a young video artist, theatre and film director and performer. He graduated from LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts, Media Arts in 2004. While studying at LASALLE, he has been actively involved in the theatre scene. His latest project includes TheatreWorks’ “Sandakan Threnody” as associate video artist, which performed in Singapore and toured to Melbourne and Brisbane and as part of KYTV, created the “P.O.P. station” (Politics of Popular) for “Insomnia48” at The Arts House.

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Kill Your Television (KYTV) formed in early 2002 as the brainchild of Aaron Kao, Jeremy Sharma and Rizman Putra. In order to explore other artistic interests other than music and visual arts, hence, the formation of the collective. The concept of KYTV is exploring the boundaries of various art forms like visual arts, installation, writing, movement, music/sound, and multi-media. Thus, hope to create an inter-disciplinary form of performance that integrates these various art forms.

As artists collective, KYTV seek to widen artistic interaction and opportunities by harnessing each of the core artistic member’s potentials. Through constant search in crossing the boundaries of different art forms through exploration and experimentation. The role of contemporary arts in Singapore is re-evaluated by providing platforms for young artists and collaborators generating ideas.

Essentially, KYTV is a constant collaborative effort of visual artists with different aptitudes and experiences. With the various ventures, members of KYTV find themselves rediscovering their own interests alongside those of others hence, the attitude of engaging oneself with those around has been vital for the growth of KYTV. Each member thus finds himself in a unique position each time there is a discussion for a new idea.

The co-artistic directors of KYTV are Rizman Putra and
Choy Ka Fai.

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Enter a performance without performer/s where the backline of the theatre;
the control room, becomes the mainline in this mirage of live video, sound and light within an empty space.

Controlroomliveunit is a collaborative work by video artist
Choy Ka Fai
and sound artist George Chua, with the lighting designed by Lim Woan
Wen. In this performance the artists hope to experiment and explore the
possibilities of an inter-relationship between these elements with
various techniques such as computer programming (for example MIDI) as
well as sensory devices. Research for this project began in December
2004 and will culminate in the first presentation.

Performance Date: 20th and 21st May 2005
Performance Time: 8 pm
Venue: The Esplanade Theatre Studio
Ticket Price: $15 (no concession)

(Tickets available at all SISTIC's Outlet)


Choy Ka Fai & Keith Su : Misfits
July 17th - 23rd, 2003

Misfits is not a retaliation or resistance of the system. It is rather a process whereby we find ourselves searching for acceptance in the things that we believe. It is amoral, not good or bad. Besides, who defines what? Who decide who is the ‘center’ or the ‘marginal’? Is it the people themselves or an insane society? There is no longer an absolute finality in our world that keeps falling apart.

Many question will be ask, not many will be realized. We hope to expand the boundaries of our semiotics visuals language with a tapestry of untold stories, unknowns sound, unrealized ideas, unfamiliar faces, ‘unexperience’ happenings that are all images from and by the ‘margin’.

Although there may not be an exact story to tell, we have something that we want to say. What we experience, what we feel and what we had, since day one of our art making. We always want to say something, something on the mundane life, of our forgotten reality, of our social existence.

Choy Ka Fai & Keith Su : Misfit - Orita.Sinclair.International.Pte.Ltd. :: SG :: School of Art + new Media :: Front.Room Gallery :: Diploma and short courses for adults + tertiary level students :: Video, Animation, Drawing, Fashion Design, Art History, Painting, WebdesignChoy Ka Fai manages his ‘misfit’ status very pragmatically - his works are ambitious and yet his concepts are somewhat critical of the trappings of ‘spectacle’. He works with video and physical performance and his open, passionately controlled temperament (paradox intended) allows him to collaborate in the real sense of the word - reliably and generously.

Keith Su is a visual artist and musician and his videos e.g. midnight run (at the station there hides a cowboy) demonstrate a remarkable sense of timing between the movement of sound and visual images. His is also a passion-driven ambition and he too accepts the challenge of juggling with the multi-disciplinary aspects of his work and this collaboration.

‘ Misfits’ has been described by these collaborators as "experimental" - "a tapestry of images from and by the ‘margin’." Here then, through this inspired collaboration, we encounter - and perhaps even identify with - the meandering, ever-intriguing delights of existence as experienced on the ‘margins’ - and, as they question cheerfully - who defines what is ‘marginal’ in a world that "keeps falling apart"?

Susie Lingham, lecturer
Fine Arts, Lasalle SIA College of the Arts

Choy Ka Fai & Keith Su : Misfit - Orita.Sinclair.International.Pte.Ltd. :: SG :: School of Art + new Media :: Front.Room Gallery :: Diploma and short courses for adults + tertiary level students :: Video, Animation, Drawing, Fashion Design, Art History, Painting, Webdesign