Art Networking Potluck no.7
Another Tan and Cheong Arttalk
Tan Wee Lit and Cheong Kah Kit talk about their art practice and latest exhibition.

Details on the Session
Date: 19 May 2004 (Wed)
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: p-10

Free entry, BYO drinks and food.
Limited capacity, please RSVP.

*The talk will be broadcasted live online. You will need to install Yahoo Messenger in order to tune in. When you log onto the Yahoo Messenger network, please contact: acidiq.

About the Speakers
Cheong Kah Kit (b. 1976) is one of 4 artists selected as part of the Singapore contingent in the 11th Asian Art Biennale 2004 in Bangladesh, a bi-annual exhibition featuring the cream of artists from Asia, Middle East and the Asia Pacific. He has also participated and co-organized exhibitions like WhistleBristle (2004) at Studio 106 and The Idiots Gaze Again (2003) at SG Private Banking Gallery, Alliance Francaise de Singapour, of which he was awarded the National Arts Council Project Grant for the former. Cheong is also actively involved in art education, conducting various art classes and workshops in schools and institutes of various levels here.

Having graduated with High Distinction from his Bachelors of Arts (Fine Art) at RMIT-LASALLE, Tan Wee Lit (b. 1978) has continued to exhibit extensively locally and in the region. He has recently represented Singapore in Identities vs Globalisation - a travelling exhibition featuring artists from all 10 ASEAN countries organized by the Heinrich-Boll Foundation in Chiangmai, which will be subsequently brought over to Bangkok and Berlin. He was also one of a contingent of local artists invited by Taksu Gallery to Kuala Lumpur for Bilateral Bonds in the Gallerys showcase of contemporary Singaporean artists. Tan has also been persistently active in showcasing his works in Singapore as well. Being awarded the Georgette Chen Arts Scholarship and the NAC Arts Bursary (Local) by the National Arts Council is evident of the support he has won in return.

Another Tan and Cheong Artshow is being held at The Substation until 22 May 2004.



Supported by the National Arts Council, artist collective Plastique Kinetic Worms will be presenting Vincent Leow, Ye Shufang, Cheong Kah Kit and Lim Shing Ee at the 11th Asian Art Biennale in Bangladesh.

The Asian Art Biennale started on 4 January 1981 with the participation of Asian countries only. It has since expanded to assemble and display contemporary works of Asia, Africa and the Pacific region. Organised by the Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy (National Academy of Fine and Performing Arts of Bangladesh), the biennale will open in Dhaka on 15 January, featuring paintings, sculptures, graphics and mixed media over 18 days.

There will also be a two-day seminar on 16 and 17 January themed Duality in Asian Art – The Ethnic and the Global. Vincent Leow will join curators and artists in discussing the impact of Asian cultures rooted in traditions interfaced with the West, and how this has engendered a distinctly-flavoured modern trend in the contemporary art of Asia.

The National Arts Council is pleased to support Singapore’s artists in the 11th Asian Art Biennale. The Biennale provides a unique opportunity for Singapore to reach out to cultural platforms in the immediate Asian region, even as the Council continues to profile our artists in major international arts events further afield.

Ms Goh Ching Lee, Director of Programmes and International Development Division at the National Arts Council, remarks “By presenting Singapore artists in international exhibitions and festivals, we hope to develop the capabilities of our artists and arts groups as they build their own networks and deepen their experience in international presentations and showcases. We hope that these experiences will enable our artists and arts groups to operate internationally and create ripples in the global arts community.”

Vincent Leow's Lovers' Plight consists of iconographies, images and urban myths intended to reflect the contemporary cultural environment. The work incorporates images that reveal absurdity and banality, blurred and confused by our perception of realities and fantasies from the media. Ye Shufang's Project: Small Sweets, is a series of magic-marker drawings of a variety of sweets in Singapore, with the ingredients of each sweet being spelt out. Viewers who are interested to try any sweet can subsequently mail their name, contact and a small token to the artist, in exchange for the sweet to be mailed back to them. With this work, Ye hopes to examine if culture and taste can be reflected in a simple exchange of a small sweet. Count on Cord and Spinning Pin resulted from Lim Shing Ee's recurring interest in the idea of support systems within the context of daily life, human relationships, objects, living spaces etc. and their interdependence. The works act as general philosophic equations that attempt to cause an inquisitive journey of mapping the various forms of our mental processes of associations.
Cheong Kah Kit's Perhaps Our Concept of Love is Not That Different After All is based on how communication can travel between places at the same time without one knowing and wondering how information and thoughts can communicate and affect oneself.


Little India Open Studios

Little India Open Studios is the first time that all the contemporary visual artists, art groups and art spaces in Little India are coming together to hold an open house to the public. There are a total of 8 locations with more than 20 artists. Members of the public are welcomed to visit art spaces, see art exhibitions, check out artists' studios, chat with the artists and see their new works.


- The Artists Village

- nog studio

- The Other House

- p-10

- Plastique Kinetic Worms


- From 10 Perumal Road:
Cheong Kah Kit, Wilkie Tan, Susie Wong, Ming



Public Art Library is a follow-up and development from the TAV project, B.E.A.U.T.Y., which was presented at Utterly Art Gallery in 2002. B.E.A.U.T.Y. was a project cum exhibition to find a good home for challenging artworks. These were two- and three-dimensional art pieces that the artists may never have dared to exhibit before for various reasons.

Given overwhelming public response to B.E.A.U.T.Y., Singapore Art Museum (SAM) approached TAV to develop a similar project that promotes art appreciation amongst the general public and art collectors.

The Public Art Library functions like any public library. The collection on loan consists of multi-disciplinary works and works in various media. These artworks are contributed by TAV members and other local and international artists of different practices.

Jeremy Hiah
Kai Lam
Woon Tien Wei
Lina Adam
Jennifer Teo
Juliana Yasin
Claire Lim
Leo Ong
Chng Seok Tin
Rizman Putra
Agnes Yit
Wilkie Tan
Lee Mei Ling
Nuradiah Ali
Harezam Abdul Rahman
Cheong Kah Kit
Ong Ghim Chuan
Edwin Lim
Angie Seah
Shin Tohana
Alan Oei
Ng Joon Kiat
Yeo Shih Yun
Colin Sai
Wang Ruo Bin
Danger Museum collection

Source: TAV