Chan Tuck Yew, Ernest


The President's Young Talents Exhibition

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ISBN: 9810440294

Category: Group Exhibition

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Publisher: Singapore Art Museum

Related Artists: Abdul Rashid Abdul Gapur; Chan Tuck Yew, Ernest; Hong Sekchern; Khiew Huey Chian; Lim Kok Boon; Noni Kaur; Pang Hwee Kuen, December; Puah, Benjamin; Woo, Ian; Ye Shufang

Related Gallery: Singapore Art Museum

"PROOF 2004 Printmaking Society (Singapore) Annual Exhibition"
(17 July to 1 August 2004)

The exhibition featured over 90 prints employing a wide range of techniques, including lino-cut, woodcut, etching, collagraph, stencil, silkscreen, digital printing and aquatint, by 25 local and foreign printmakers from the Printmaking Society (Singapore), including Chan Mei Hsien, Ernest Chan Tuck Yew, Cristene Chang Hoei, Wang-Chen Cheng Mei, Miguel Chew, Chng Seok Tin, Chua Choon Hee, Foo Kwee Horng, Ho E Moi, Marisa Keller, Justin Lee, Lim Choon Jin, Nur Ain, Tomoko Okuno, Poh Kwee Choo, Terry Poh Ju Yong, Kelly Reedy, Susanne Ramberg, Rue Abdul, She Liyin, Debbie Siau, Sio Siew Yuan, Kelvin Tan, Tan Suang Suang and Tay Choon Wei.

Art Against AIDS 1999

Consolation Prize
Peach Sharing

The two male figures are totally involved in their private zone which is framed by a circle (symbolising unity). Between them lies a peach (tao). The fruit and tree are popular motifs in Chinese art, which is believed to bring happiness to newlyweds.The screen is a bar that prevents intrusions. On the other hand, the bar and the circle can be seen to represent a condom. AIDS is with us and while wrongly categorised as a gay disease, the fact remains that anal intercourse is a high-risk activity. Precaution and safer sex practice are a must!

Source: Action against Aids


Project Graphite

Start Date:

End Date:

Opening: 21 Oct 2004, 6:30pm

Let's recall. As kids, what were inside our school bags on our way to school for drawing classes? Fast forward to the present. Given some graphite, six artists explore, interpret and re-discover the medium in their own ways.

Presented by KYTV (Kill Your Television) a local art collective formed in early 2002, active and known for its multi-disciplinary art projects. Project Graphite is its first visual art exhibition.

Drawing Workshop at Goethe: 23 Oct 2004
Conducted by the artists
Kids' session: 10am 12pm
Adults' session: 2pm 4pm

The Gallery
Goethe-Institut, Singapore
163 Penang Road #05 01
Winsland House II, Singapore

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday, 10am 7pm; Closed on Sundays

Asian Artist/s:
Ernest CHAN, Hueychian KHIEW, Dovan ONG, Rizman PUTRA, Jeremy SHARMA, Joohiang SIA