Yeo Shih Yun, Jeremy Ramsay and Chan Mei Hsien (left to right)



A collaborative drawing & site- specific installation project by Yeo Shih Yun & Chan Mei Hsien

Opening Reception @ 7pm on 17 DEC 2004 FRIDAY

‘Cut’ is a collaborative drawing project by the two artists Yeo Shih Yun and Chan Mei Hsien. The project is catalyzed by the artists’ wish to draw with paper as a medium as a collaborative effort, within a time frame.

What do you get when you put two artists who have a fascination with paper and drawing together for 10 days?

A site-specific installation project with paper as the medium and drawing as the media is created. Kraft paper is wrapped around the space, on the walls and the floor. The usual two-dimensional surface work of art becomes a three-dimensional space; there is no beginning and no end; the work of art is the entire space.

Immersed in the space together for 10 days, the two artists worked throughout the period to execute this project, producing spontaneous mark-makings and drawings on the Kraft paper medium. The exhibition is evident of Shih Yun and Mei Hsien’s drawing experimentation, leading to interesting, unexpected outcomes.

Inspired by the way cloth is sold, the artists will become tailors at the exhibition. Audiences will be given a measuring tape and a framer upon entering the exhibition, leaving them with the choice to which portion of the work they like. The art work will be sold by the meter and the artist will cut the specific portion of the work that they have framed.

Map & Directions: instinc is at 271c new bridge road Singapore 008748

Directly above Killiney Kopitiam

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