Censorship Review Committee

The Acting Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts has appointed a Censorship Review Committee (CRC) to look into the censorship matters for the broadcast media, films, videos, publications, audio materials, arts and the new media.

The 22-member Committee is chaired by Mr Liu Thai Ker, Director (RSP Architects, Planners and Engineers), Chairman (National Arts Council) and Chairman (Singapore Tyler Print Institute). The other members are drawn from a cross-section of society. The list of members is attached at Annex.

In the 10 years since the last review, the censorship environment has undergone major changes, driven largely by the forces of technology and globalisation. New media like the Internet have resulted in an influx of information directly transmitted to end-users, posing a strong challenge to censorship.

Media convergence is also increasingly testing traditional censorship concepts. Singaporeans have also become better educated and more discerning, with increased exposure to external influences via the media, Internet and overseas trips.

In response to these changes and contributing to efforts to Remaking Singapore, the Committee will specifically:

- Review and recommend changes to existing censorship policies and guidelines in the light of social and technological changes since the 1991 CRC, for publications, film, audio and video material, performance art, broadcast media, and new and converging media;

- Review censorship laws and structures;

- Review the role of public education; and

- Consider other related matters.

The Committee will hold its first meeting next month and will target to complete the review and submit the report to the Minister early next year.

The public is invited to contribute written representations on the censorship review to:

The Secretariat
Censorship Review Committee
45 Maxwell Road
URA Centre East Wing, #07-11/12
Singapore 069118
Fax: 6221 3141