Benny Sootho

Artist's Statement
'Introspection' seems to be the word that comes to mind when I search to define my theme or source. I believe that I will never be able to justify situations in a truly sound mind, till I examine and further understand myself. My work seems to act as a friend offering advice, a friend like any other friend, who relies on me as much a I rely on him/her. A living work that will grow, eat, mature, age, reproduce and eventually die leaving behind descendants to carry on the cycle. A life-form that possesses genetically-inherited memory. I aim for this in my works. Dabbling in self-analysis I have identified different aspects to my being, alter-egos of some sort. These characteristics of mine materializes as personas specific to the situation that 'they decide to appear in.' These personas need no creation for they have always been around since my being. I am not their father. In my works I merely create situations for them to react to.

You might ask why. Why am I doing all this? Why am I putting myself through all these examinations and what do I stand to gain?

By doing all this I obviously gain a better knowledge of myself and possibly create a comfortable cushion to rest on and look in at the time-old question ''WHY AM I HERE?'' I want live as a conscious being. How I function, when I function, where I function and maybe a little nip at why I function. I will live because I want to live, not because I live therefore..... But then I ask myself.....

What do you ,my audience, stand to gain?

Secondarily, you as my audience will gain a little insight to what I see through these eyes and maybe relate to it and in turn ask yourself how you see. Primarily and most importantly, you may see me as the needle in your butt. Answers are sometimes not so important. I do not provide answers. I am not an information counter. I ask. I create environments (with sitting fixtures, sometimes not so comfortable) for us all to question.


Group Shows
1998 The Drawing Show

Below 500
1997 P U P 20th Diploma in Visual Arts Exhibition
(Lasalle Gallery)

Celebrating Ten Years Of Service
(Bishan Depot)

Prop Art 1965-1997
(Gajah Gallery)

8000 Red Umbrellas. installation
(Chinese Garden)

(Lasalle B.A Gallery)
1996 Drawing Perspective
(Lasalle Gallery)
1995 Kitsch Show
(Lasalle Gallery)
1994 Black Art. A Photography Exhibition
(Lasalle Gallery)

1997 Diploma in Visual Art. Lasalle-SIA College of the Arts.

Curator (6x6x6)
Pubic-Relations / Merchandise PLASTIQUE KINETIC WORMS