Art Against AIDS 2002


art competition and exhibition organised by Action for AIDS (AfA) Singapore

Venue: library@orchard
Date:†† 14 to 23 December 2002

Chairman's Message

Art is a vital source of inspiration and a powerful medium of expression. The message being conveyed by a good artwork should enable it to be understood by anyone, regardless of the cultural differences and language barriers that may exist. This is the undisputed power of art over other forms of communication.

Art Against AIDS is an effort on the part of Action for AIDS Singapore to harness and transform this unique power of art into a force for good.† Art can be a potent instrument that can help prevent the further spread of the devastating HIV virus in our society. Art can sensitise our community to the issues surrounding HIV and AIDS through the message contained in the image. Indeed, art can become a powerful force that empowers and galvanises our community to take action in the face of devastation, death and dismay.

All the artists featured at this exhibition clearly wanted to make a strong statement against the AIDS epidemic - namely that it will take courage and determination from every one of us, if we want to leave behind a brighter future for our children - a future that is free from the menacing grip of HIV and AIDS.

We are extremely grateful to our sponsors, Durex and library@orchard of the National Library Board, for their gracious support. Our sincere appreciation to our judges, Dr Roy Chan, President of Action for AIDS Singapore, Ms Ketna Patel, award-winning artist & founder of UTU Artworks and Mr Anuar Abu, Design Director of Leo Burnett for their kind contributions.

We congratulate all winners of Art Against AIDS 2002 on their achievements!

Feisal Abdul Rahman Chairman
Art Against AIDS 2002
Organising Committee

Source: Action against Aids

Open Category (Painting)

1ST Prize
Sulaiman Bin Hussin


2nd Prize
Alluded Identity Deprived Sociality
Raphael Ng


3rd Prize
Legacy Of Hope
Yeo Serene


Special Mention
Ignorance Is Not Bliss
Shiah Chyi Yun


Special Mention
Sri Haryanti Binte Ismail

  Open Category (Poster)

1ST Prize
Cocktails or Condoms?
Yve Yuan Yishan


2nd† Prize
It Hurts
Tan Li Yang Stanley


3rd† Prize
Poh Maolin


Special Mention
And I Dream To Succeed
Gooi Tah Choe


Special Mention
Don't Be Negative
Against the Positive
Henry Kang

  Student Category (Painting)

1st Prize
The Searing Pain
Temasek Polytechnic


2nd Prize
Chin Mei Jie Janice
Nanyang Academy of Fine


3rd Prize
What Are You 'Looking' For?
Chin Mei Jie Janice
Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts


Special Mention
Lin Qing Jiang, Terence
Nanyang Academy of Fine


Special Mention
Give Heart To Our Future
Tan Chuinwei Michelle
Nanyang Academy of Fine
Art †††††††

  Student Category (Poster)

1st Prize
Red Ribbon Ambassadors
Timothy Wong
Nanyang Polytechnic


2nd Prize
Stand With And By Them
Ng Yong Chien Marcus
Anderson Junior College


3rd Prize
Use A Condom
Chee Tai Wai
LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts


Special Mention
Action = Life
Ong Zhi Wei Raymond
ITE Dover


Special Mention
Clear Picture
Ng Sui Ling
Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

Formed in 1988, Action for AIDS (AfA) is a community-based organization and a registered charity. Our objectives are to provide support and assistance to persons living with HIV and AIDS (PWAs); to increase awareness, education and understanding of AIDS and HIV infection; and to combat discrimination and stigmatisation of (PWAs) and their loved ones.

Action for AIDS is entirely self-funding. We receive donations from private individuals, foundations and businesses. We do not receive monetary support from the government, but collaborate in many areas with governmental organizations.


Organising Committee

  • Feisal Abdul Rahman, Chairman
  • Benedict Jacob-Thambiah
  • Caroline Fernandez
  • Dawn Mok
  • Karl Yap
  • M Hadi Masuri

Special Thanks:

  • Janice Chia, Librarian, National Library Board
  • Tan Ngiap Heng, Photographer, The Pond
  • Jolene Sin, Designer, Ounce Concepts & Design
  • Rashid Saini, Photographer
  • Peter Chua, Photographer, Caesar Commercial Photo