Arron Teo

Source: Arts Central

One of Singapore 's finest up-and-coming talent, Arron Teo's works have been extensively exhibited at various events in Singapore . His work Miss 36.7 was highly recommended at the prestigious 2003 UOB Painting of the Year event, a longstanding annual local event that singles out promising young talents.

Starting out 6 years ago in comics illustration, Aaron was inspired by manga, a Japanese form of comics. Aspiring first to be a comic artist, things took a slight turn when he enrolled in the Nanyang Academy of Fine Art and came in contact with fine art and a different way of drawing. Deciding then to combine his passion for comics with a fine arts sensibility, Aaron began to work on his own style.

One of the things he did was to create his personal icon, which appears in various forms in his work. Aaron also participated actively in various competitions and events, in wide-ranging areas like portrait drawing, sand sculpting, photography, cartoon and comic illustration, expanding his artistic scope. At the same time, Arron has directed, instructed and assisted in various school and arts-related events. These diverse influences converge in his work.