interactive designer and artist, lecturer in new media


Alex teaches interactive media in the Communications and New Media Programme (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences) at the National University of Singapore. Before joining NUS, he was a lecturer at the School of Design, Nanyang Polytechnic, where he taught and developed projects in interactive media and games. Alex has worked as an interaction designer at IDEO, London, and at Kent Ridge Digital Labs, Singapore. He has an M.Sc. in Computer Science (Human-Computer Interaction) from the University of Toronto. His work has been shown at SIGGRAPH’98, at the Science Museum in London, at Graphite 2004 at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, and as part of the Creative Curating Lab at the Singapore Art Show 2005.

Source: NUS

National University of Singapore, Communications and New Media Programme

Nanyang Polytechnic, Diploma in Digital Media Design/Diploma in Digital Entertainment Technology

Graphite 2004, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, June 2004.

Singapore Learning Festival 2002, 2003.

"Passages is an interactive art installation exploring the traces left behind by the passage of people through a public, urban landscape. By tracking the movement of people, and creating a persistent, but gradually fading, visual trail of this motion, the piece reflects the transient, yet important, impact that our movement thought a spatial landscape has on the temporal landscape of memory. The piece was shown as part of the Singapore Art Show 2005's Creative Curating Lab, 23 September-23 October 2005, at Citilink Mall.

For this project, I worked together with Patricia Lim and Ng Wen Lei to develop the concept and implement the interaction in Processing using the JMyron/Webcamxtra motion tracking software."

Source: Text and Image: Alex Mitchell's website