People I Love: Tetka Dragoslava on Her Balcony
Aleksandar Obradovic
Digital Print
70cm x 50cm

Aleksandar Obradovic (Belgrade, 1959) has formal training in arts (Master of Fine Art with a recognized RMIT University, Australia) and is a practicing visual and performing artist, poet, writer, songwriter, translator, curator, arts director, event manager, and journalist since 1984. Aleksandar has participated in international exhibitions and festivals. He is interested in spiritual and personal issues of our times.

Source: Best of Singapore 2004


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A Group exhibition by ten artists

at Plastique Kinetic Worms on the 26th April at 7pm

Exhibition runs till13th May 2001

FUSION in contemporary terms contribute to many levels of synergy in today's urban environment. From theme restaurant to different genres of music to post-theatre production dabbling into multi-disciplinary. Basically something new created by mixture of qualitative ideas, styles that make up most of the lifestyle of today's multifaceted society. This is even more-so in today's contemporary art where artists collective and artists run space initiative come together to create a new visual language different from their predecessors.

This exhibition; FUSION STRENGTH, in an elementary level, requires experimentation where there is no end to the constructive foresight of the outcome. There is no particular theme to the works showcased. However this exhibition intends to question the idea of intervention and defining the limitations and boundaries of the intervention. The objective of this show is to highlight how artists express their ideas, concept, and materials through intervention of the work. To question between themselves and also the audience, what they are doing in their work and what there are thinking. Why intervene? Why not allow the works exist by itself?

STRENGTH constitutes the level of exchange that hopefully culminate into a cohersive effort. The fact that the artists are from different backgrounds will make the process-based installations broader in context and the attempt to bring common interests and ideas together about the idea of intervention.

The works in this exhibition will be a presentation of only one installation. There will be three groups consisting of three artists in each group. The first group of artists will collaborate to present the installation; setting a foundation for artists from Group 2 to work on. Artists from Group 2 will collaboratively intervene by working over the installation by adding on the work. Then followed by Group 3, which will later intervene by working over the installation worked on by Group 2. In the final stage, Group 1 who set the foundation of the work in the first stage will return to work over installations intervened by Group 3. Some of these artists will also each present individual live performance on the opening and in the duration of the exhibition.

The process of intervention of the installation, from the beginning to the final stages, will be documented on video and photographs. The performances will also be documented. There will be an artists talk organised on the last day of the exhibition by the artists involved and invited speakers.

Program schedule of exhibition:

1. Date: 26th April 2001

Opening of exhibition, installation (foundation set) by Group 1

Artists: Lina Adam, Lam Hoi Lit, Jeremy Hiah and Tang Dawu

Performance by Group 1

Title: V.I.P

Performance Intervention by Juliana Yasin, Benjamin Puah, Aleksander Obradovic (guest appearance by Nathalie Junod Ponsard)

2. Date: 2nd May 2001

Intervention by Group 2

Aleksander Obradovic, Benjamin Puah, Josef Ng

Performance by Group 2

Artists: Aleksander Obradovic & Benjamin Puah

3. Date: 6th May 2001

Intervention by Group 3

Artists: Colin Reaney, Juliana Yasin, Karee Dahl

Performance by Juliana Yasin

Title: Alterity is an activity

4. Date: 10th May 2001

Final Intervention by Group 1

5. Talk by participating artists and invited speakers on the 13th of May 2001 at 7pm

Speakers: John Low, Gunalan Nadarajan, Lee Weng Choy and Susie Lingham (yet to be confirmed)

For more information, please contact Juliana Yasin at 324 3221.

Plastique Kinetic Worms

199 A/B South Bridge Road, Singapore 058748.

The gallery is open from 12pm to 7pm, Tuesdays to Sundays. Closed on Mondays and Public Holidays.