A joint exhibition between Malaysian and Singaporean artists
3 November 2003 4 January 2004

National Art Gallery, Malaysia

WAHANA, a collaborative exhibition project commits to the understanding and concerns towards tradition and culture, vision and convictions within the 'nusantara' region. This project will be the second in the series of project after 'Drawing & Diagrams' (visual art program of the Singapore Festival of Art) in 1998. ' WAHANA' serves as a vehicle to the concerns on grappling with issues of identities; relationships and displacement against the rapid changes, moods, situations and conditions of the region.

In this project, each artist seeks various perspective of tradition and culture to gain a vantage in constructing their identity and values. The body of the artworks aimed to reveal the artists' mediating strategies, elation and anxiety through their attempts in expressing and shaping the spirit of a 'living' tradition.

Participating artists in this project include: Ahmad Abu Bakar, Mohd Razali Mahat, Mohd Suhirman Sulaiman, Salleh Japar, Suhaimi Sukiyar and Siti Annazia Hamsani from Singapore.

The show also include artists Ahmad Shukri Mohamad, Bayu Utumo Radjikin, Roslisham Ismail, Sharmiza Abu Hassan, Susyilawati Sulaiman and Umi Baizurah Mahir Ismail from Malaysia.