Abdul Ghani Hamid


Abdul Ghani Hamid has participated in numerous exhibitions since 1950:
Contemporary Art in Asia (1965)
First Asian Art Exhibition, Hong Kong (1977)
Salon des Artises Francais Grand Palais, Paris (1988), and held six solo shows


1950 Youth Festival Art Exhibition, Victoria Memorial Hall

1951 Society of Malay Artists Malaya Art Exhibition

1956 Perkumpulan Seni Art Exhibition/Competition

1961 LTK (Lembaga Tetap Kongres) Art Exhibition

1962 Malaysia Art Exhibition

1964 Solidarity Week Exhibition

1965 Contemporary Art in Asia (an intinerant exhibition - 14 Asian Cities)

1965 A collage-painting specially exhibited at USIS Library

1968 Singapore Festival ’68 Art Exhibition

1969 ART 150

1970 Two-man Art Exhibition (with S B Banafek), Melaka

1970 National Day Art Exhibition

1971 March Art Exhibition

1971 Group ’71 Art Exhibition, Malay Art Gallery

1972 Mata Dan Hati (First One-man Art Exhibition - Paintings with Poems), MAG

1972 Abstract Painting Exhibition

1972 Modern Art Exhibition

1973 RASA ’73, Malay Art Gallery

1973 Exhibition of Modern Sketches, Malay Art Gallery

1974 Second One-man Art Exhibition, Malay Art Gallery

1974 Third One-man Art Exhibition (Paintings and Sketches)

1975 Second T\vo-man Art Exhibition (with S B Banafek), Jakarta

1976 Art Exhibition, Official Opening of the National Museum Art Gallery

1977 First Asian Art Exhibition, Hong Kong

1981 Singapore-Taiwan Contemporary Paintings Exhibition

1985 Fourth One-man Art Exhibition (Official Opening of the National Library Bedok Branch)

1988 Salon des Artistes Francais, Grand Palais, Paris

1988 Tranformasi (Paintings transformed from poems)

1989 Fifth One-man Art Exhibition (BREEZE ’89), National Library Geylang East Branch

1989 Nite of 2 Hearts

1991 Action ‘91

1991 Singapore Art Fair, WTC

1992 Islamic Contemporary Works of Art Exhibition, Holidav Inn Crowne Plaza

1992 Singapore Art Fair, IMM Building

1993 Art In Asia, Singapore Art Fair, WTC

1993 Rasajagat ’93, Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

1994 Pameran Karya Seni, Melaka Menjelang 600 Tahun, Melaka

1995 Malay Artists Singapore, Kuala Lumpur

1996 Singapore Arts Federation 30th Anniversary Art Exhibition

1996 Contemporary 1996, Singapore

1997 FORM Art Exhibition, Museum Barli, Bandung

1997 Pekan Seni lpoh II Art Exhibition, Perak

He also a writer and has published 18 books
Jalinan Rasa (an anthology of poems in Malay)
Delimah Merah (a novelette in Malay)
A Journey With No End (an anthology of poems)

"Tun Seri Lanang 1977" (by Malay Language Council, Singapore) in 1988,
SEA Write Award, Bangkok in 1998
"Jasamu Dikenang" memento presented by the Literature and Culture Week
Working Committe, Melaka in 1998

1999, Cutural Medallion, NAC Singapore



In the new knowledge-based world where science and technology rules practically every aspect of our life and in an era where innovation and obsoleteness go hand in hand, having with us artistes who are continuously striving to enrich our creative world is most heartening.

I congratulate APAD for its Breeze 2000 project and Mr Abdul Ghani Hamid, our writer cum poet and painter for again playing the key role with his solo exhibition. With APAD joining the cyberworld by having its website featuring the works in this exhibition, it is expected that the audience for the exhibition would be far and wide.

I wish APAD and Mr Abdul Ghani Hamid the very best.



The Angkatan Pelukis Aneka Daya (APAD) is proud to organise “Breeze 2000” - the 6th Solo Art Exhibition by Mr. Abdul Ghani Hamid. Apart from being known as a prolific literary writer and poet, APAD would like to present the other sought-after talent of Mr. Ghani. As a painter, he had held five solo exhibitions (1972-1989) and participated in more than 60 group exhibitions since 1950.

His early paintings were considered too modernistic, where rural scenes like kampung, were the mainstays in many of the art exhibitions held at that time. Today we are not troubled by the many modern art pieces executed by art students and young artists. Mr. Ghani’s approach to modern art remains relevant in the current visual art scene as he approaches his circle of creativeness after 50 years. This is indeed a significant contribution by a painter to the arts of Singapore.
Apart from being a consistent painter, Mr. Ghani provides leadership and played a major role in the founding of APAD in 1962. APAD has achieved much success with his wisdom and unselfish devotion to the association. Although synonymous with APAD, he is also a much-respected figure in other fields.

Mr. Ghani’s literary achievements were recognised in 1998 by the Malay Language Council of Singapore which awarded him the Tun Seri Lanang Award, the highest literary award for Malay Literature. In that same year, he was conferred the S.E.A. Write Award, presented personally by the Crown Prince Maha Vajiranlongkorn of Thailand. The following year, he was awarded the National Arts Council’s 1999 Cultural Medallion (Literature) by Mr. Lee Yock Suan, Minister for Information and the Arts and Minister for the Environment.

There is no other way that APAD could reward Mr. Ghani for his sacrifices and hard work in the early days of the association’s inception. I gather this is the most appropriate and opportune time to organise a solo exhibition for Mr. Ghani in recognition for his valuable contribution to the association and the arts of Singapore.

I hope you will enjoy this exhibition as much as APAD has enjoyed putting up the art pieces together for you.

Abdul Rahman Rais
Angkatan Pelukis Aneka Daya


...The Persekutuan Pelukis Melayu, Malaya (Society of Malay Artists, Malaya), founded on 1 May 1949, is the beginning of the collective movement of Malay artists. PPMM successfully promoted interest in the arts among both experienced and new artists but its activities began to decline in the 1950s. The resolve of a few young artists such as Mustafa Yassin, R. Selamat Shariff, Marhaban Kasman, Yusof Aman and Mohd Daud, headed by Abdul Ghani Hamid, to pursue their artistic interests led to the formation of Angkatan Pelukis Muda (Young Artists' Movement) in 1956. Insufficient support discontinued the movement even before its registration. Without an association, Malay artists exhibited their works with other bodies such as Perkumpulan Seni (PS) and Lembaga Tetap Kongres (Congress Permanent Board). On 29 July 1962, the Angkatan Pelukis Aneka Daya (Association of Artists of Various Resources) was established with Abdul Ghani Hamid Abdul Ghani Hamid as its leader and "Secita Mencipta" (Together We Create) as its motto. Its first effort involved an art exhibition co-hosted with the LTK in 1963 at the Victoria Memorial Hall...

Source: edited excerpt from the Singapore Cultural, Arts, and Heritage Journey