Aaron Kao


KYTV (Kill Your Television)
Kill Your Television (KYTV) was formed in early 2002. Based in Singapore it is best known for its performance art projects. In 2003, they embarked on several projects in collaboration with other groups like FUNdaMENTAL Multi-Disciplinary as well as dance company Arts Fission.

KYTV is the brain-child of Aaron Kao, Jeremy Sharma and Rizman Putra, graduates of the LASALLE-SIA College of The Arts, Bachelor of Fine Art degree programme. Besides being deeply rooted in a visual art foundation, they make music together in a band called TIRAMISU. KYTV was formed because they wanted an outlet to explore other artistic interests other than music and visual arts. Their concept for KYTV is to explore the boundaries of various art forms like writing, movement, music, painting, videography etc and to create new works. Since the birth of KYTV, this collective has become well known performance art practitioners in Singapore.
At present, KYTV are Aaron Kao, Rizman Putra, Jeremy Sharma, Dovan Ong, Choy Ka Fai and associate artists (Jon Chan, Serena Ho and Vijay Singh).