Eugene Soh Yew Lin

Year of Birth : 1963

Medium : Acrylics, Oil, Pastels, Water Colour

Artist Eugene Soh Yew Lin began painting at the very young age of 11 years old. By the age of 15 years, his painting talent grew but he had to have a serious spinal operation. The operation would cause a disability for Eugene so that a wheelchair would be needed for mobility for most of his teen and adult life.

Eugene never felt that disabled meant unabled. He went on to achieve his BSc in Mathematics from the National University of Singapore. Eugene fell in love and married. Joy and happiness were found in family life and painting. When Eugene and his wife would go on trips to beautiful places he would paint from these treasured memories.

Eugene is one of the Very Special Arts (VSA) of Singapore Artists selected for the 1999 Maybank -VSA Pair with and Artist Programme. His recent works had been exhibited at the Maybank Gallery (Malaysia), Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Gallery (Singapore). In 2000, Eugene was also one of the 7 artists chosen to participate in the Hakaren Gallaery - VSA "Five Elements" Art Exhibition at Sheraton Towers Singapore.

In 24-30 Nov 2003, Eugene was selected to represent Singapore to participate in the water color and oil painting event of the 6th International Abiliympics Competition held in New Dehli, India, a competition which gathers all disabled around the world one in 4 years to compete and exchange their talents in occupation and professional areas. Eugene proudly won the Silver Medal in Oil painting event with "Dream World" as the title and theme of the painting.

When one looks closely at the paintings of Eugene Soh Yew Lin, one can see and feel the Beauty and Romance of those lovely places. "The water caresses the rocks like a piano player tickles the keys of a piano". Eugene's faith in God is with him in the heart of his work.