A project commissioned by MAAP in Singapore for SENI 2004.

Curated by Arto Mato:

Video Works/Experimental Video:
Sookoon Ang - Let Go Aviary, Bend to Mirth;
Sherman Ong - State of Things;
Gilles Massot aka Ma de Marma - 0(inner)gravity;
Tan Chui Mui - Hometown;
Wee Li-Lin - Homemaker;

'CC Vids'
['CC Vids' is a collection of online videos which are licensed under the Creative Commons license. For more information, see and]

[A collection of videos made by activists and and distributed via the Internet.]

Audio Visual Performances:
Cyril Wong

Sounds and Beats:
Jukka Hautamäki aka Ihokas
Philip Tan