Yvonne Lam

Untitled Studies

Subverted Boundaries, Sculpture Square
17 Jun 2003 to 24 Aug 2003

Subtle lines and spaces are used to enhance the energy in Yvonne Lam's unnamed works, where the art created goes beyond dimensional boundaries. The two-dimensional works appear to be moving, belying their still appearance. In her digital prints, body parts and mechanical parts are arranged in careful composition. Even on paper, these parts convey a sense of movement and energy. Fingers hold on to the ledge and appear to be either climbing up or down. Yet the stillness of the mechanical parts and other amputated body parts strewn around the space contradicts the apparent action; they are frozen in movement. A hand moving mid air is suddenly cropped off by negative space. Through this sleight of hand, the artist hopes to leave viewers with sudden realisation of a moment in space and time.