Young Contemporary Artists in Singapore

Edited by Jane Leong, published by Art and Artist Speak, 2000, Hard cover.


Trained in the field of medicine, Chng Nai Wee is optimistic about the progress in medical science and the development of new technologies in heralding a "brave new world" for humanity. "Immersed in this environment, I am receptive to my senses that stir a whirpool of ideas in my mind. As these ideas evolve into a vision, it becomes so feverishly powerful that it must be realised as works of Art. I am mesmerised by the cycle of reception, provocation, inspiration, and creation". Within this perception, Nai Wee has produced a range of mixed media works, such as Protoplasm and Micro-Organics, which brings to mind "the microscopic realm of cells and organelles" as well as the cycle of "birth, reproduction, and death".

Pages 48 and 49 features the artist.