Yeo Chee Kiong

2004 MFA, Glasgow School of Art

Becoming Object of Space’ is a series of experimental artworks intended to explore the possibility of transformation and the interchangeable factors between “object” and “space”, by employing the distinct characteristic of ‘blackness’ – its capacity to absorb and reunify every image of our visual perceptions. With this “absorption” and reunification of the ‘overlapped’ images, the presentation of my artwork is to look for the transcendence quality of this new formation. The juxtaposition between the conceptual reconstruction and the preconceived identification will generate a new contemplation.The winter evening of Kelvin Grove Park is spectacular. The feature of housing estate on the hillside begins to merge with the park, the tree, and eventually it presents to me a dramatic outline between the Night on Earth and the Night on sky. The rain of Glasgow is mischievous, the black cloud is always following me wherever I go, and I lost my shadow. My cast shadow is a mystery reduction form that owns its outline as black unify image compared to I myself. It is simply an act to compress a full-length writing note back to the depiction of title. I lost my identity.the depiction of title. I lost my identity.

The #15, A Cloud, Her Shadow, and My Darkness can be presented as a sculpture or a performance – ‘Someone’ put on the black costume (knitted piece) and stand as a sculpture inside the exhibition hall, he or she walks in and out as a performance within the exhibition period. The works are intended to allow delightful interaction between the audiences and the works within the exhibition space. #11, The Second Table, #13, The Flood, A Tree, and My Table and #17, The Wind, My Wave, and A Night, concentrates on the mobilization of the ‘object’ on the ‘table’. The object floating on the oil and black ink will keep moving from point to point, as the passing by audiences will cause vibration to the tables from time to time. The movement of the object is in a kind of slow motion and thus almost invisible. It presents a high illusion and provokes an interesting question towards the ‘quality’ of that particular object and table, and the ambiguous relationship between each other.