** here's the bumper crop for the month of May: updates of local arts events 
and uploads of interviews...including a dialogue with artists participating 
in PKW's recent Fusion Strength  which provided an interesting insight to 
the collaborative effort. arts fest is just days away....gotten any tickets 
yet?  YARD's picks are.......(see**

1. Video documentation of 'Melvin & Wilkie Hanging On', a video installation 
by Melvin Ritchie Ho & Wilkie Tan @ PKW, Mar 2001.

2. An interview with Jeremy Hiah. Jeremy talks about his latest works, 
expresses his views on local performance art practice and what it takes to 
be a full time artist.

3. YARD catches up on the participating artists for FUSION STRENGTH and 
watch/listen to the trailer and interviews @ YARDstream! Quicktime or 
RealPlayer required.