Wetterling Teo Gallery



Stable of artists


Ross Bleckner

Roy Lichenstein

Robert Rauschenberg

James Rosenquist

Andy Warhol

James Brown

Frank Stella

Wallace Ting

Helen Frankenthaler

Jim Dine

Steven Sorman

Tom Wesselman

Cai Heng


Chua Ek Kay

Lim Tiong Ghee




3 & 11 Kim Yam Road


Opening Hours

Mondays to Fridays 0900-1800

Saturdays and Sundays 1200-1700

Wetterling Teo Gallery is an internationally recognized art gallery in Singapore that specializes in contemporary and modern art. The gallery, started in 1994, is the result of a  joint venture between Wetterling Gallery in Sweden, and Mr. Daniel Teo, an established businessman in Singapore.

Wetterling Teo Gallery has brought several important works by the major artists of the American Expressionist and Pop Art period. Wetterling Teo Gallery has expressed commitment in bringing works by younger contemporary artists whose talents and potential have already been recognized in the art market.

Wetterling Teo Gallery continues to hold the Asian premier of these artists’ new works, including major exhibitions by Stella and Rosenquist. On these occasions, the gallery has been known to bring the famous artist to Singapore to open the show, giving collectors and art enthusiasts an opportunity to learn more about the works of art from the creator. Wetterling Teo Gallery also specializes in top-quality graphic works from the world’s finest print studios, such as Tyler Graphics. Since these prints are limited edition works, usually signed, numbered and dated by the artist, these works are prized by collectors.

When there is strong interest, Wetterling Teo Gallery organizes art tours to New York, the only ones of its kind to originate from Singapore. We bring participants to the studios of artists that we represent in the gallery, like Rauschenberg, Rosenquist and Wesselmann, as well as several major museums and print workshops.

Wetterling Teo Gallery  is committed to supporting local Singapore art, and are the sole representatives for Kumari Nahappan, Cai Heng and Aiyda. All three artists are award-winning artists whose talents are acclaimed by their peers, art critics, collectors and the public alike. Their solo exhibitions are well received and both local and foreign clients seek their works. Each has a distinct style and unique vision, but collectively, they represent the diversity of Singaporean society.

Wetterling Teo Gallery provides collectors with literature on artists who interest them, and arranges talks, lectures and other art-related events for the benefit of the collectors. When clients procure a work of art from Wetterling Teo Gallery, they pay the price set by the artist; there is no intermediary setting arbitrary prices.