Welcome to Live
This media advisory on Video/ Visual Installation Exhibition from 8-10 Dec
2000, is released as a result of queries from the press regarding an
installation 'Welcome to Live' by Chinese visual / installation artist:

TheatreWorks hopes this will not become an unnecessary controversy resulting
in the censorship of an artist and of art. The fact remains that we are
presenting a work of an international artist – we must understand the theme
of his work and not be reactionary by imposing cultural values. Art works
are perceived differently by different people.

We hope this will not undermine Singapore’s efforts in promoting
international cultural exchange for the arts & culture. In particular, The
Flying Circus Project promotes cultural negotiation between Asian people,
recognising the importance of difference within Asia.

The artist’s work reflects the habit of people eating steamboat without
perceiving that the processed pieces of meat were once live animals. The
visual/installation artist from China, is, in fact, a pro-life artist.

In addition, the chickens involved were removed and fed every evening, and
were not harmed during the exhibition. They are well and alive, awaiting
their return to the farm.

13 December 2000

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