Waterloo Arts Alive at Sculpture Square

10th and 11th of June at Sculpture Square.

organized by Jason Lim and Sculpture Square
Jason Lim and Zai Kuning are established performance artists in Singapore who are involved in multi-disciplinary and collaborative work.

Time Schedule
(with approximately 15 minutes break in between each performance)

Time           10th June, Saturday 2000

5.00-5.30  Electronica sounds by Vertigo (30 min)
                Vertigo kicks off the evening with sounds of electronica
                to set the mood for the rest of the evening. He
                collaborates with other artists later in the session.

5.45-6.00 "Brother's hair, sister's fair", by Misumi Susaki and Sia Joo Hiang ( 15 min)
                A dance and reading collaboration. With Joo reading her recent writings and Misumi responding
                to text with improvised 'dance'/movement in space.

6.15-6.35 Music by Drowning the Deep Sea Thinker (20 min)
                Two friends (Keith and Riz) coming together to present their
                original materials with acoustic guitar sounds.

6.45-7.15 Batik Revolution (interactive performance) by Kai and Agnes (30 min)
                This performance concerns with cultural and
                globalization issues. This interactive performance
               employs text recitation, installation of objects and
                pre-recorded sounds.

7.30-8.00 Dance movements by Indera Tasripin in collaboration with Vertigo. (30 min)
                Indera solo improvisational piece, "Passion Fruit" developes
                with the sounds of Vertigo.

8.15-8.30 "Sesama" by Aleksandar Obradovic with Sanjot Kaur Sekhon(15 min)
                A collaborative reading based on the writings of Aleksandar Obradovic.

8.45-9.15  Dance performance by George Chua (30 min)
                His solo contribution tilted "Abandoned" features the sound
                of ŒHulusi¹, a Chinese woodwind instrument and dance.

9.30-10.15	 Music performance by Zai Kuning (30 min)
                Zai plays solo with guitar and voice improvisation. This
                performance is a follow up to his recent presentation, "Thirty Fish"
                which explores unstructured melodes and rhythms.

10.30-11.00 Improvised synthesized sounds performance by Adrain Bestium and friends (30 min)
                This groups effort round off the night with microphone
                feedback employing decibel accelerator, experimental guitar
                sounds and electronic percussion.

Time		          11th June, Sunday 2000

5.00­5.30	      Interactive performance by Lin Kailie  (30 min)
                In his own words, this performance explores
                "global character" and seeks to "un-politicize itself".

5.45-6.00	      Dance movements by Misumi Susaki (15 min)
                A site-specific dance piece that explores and improvised with
                the outdoor space.
6.15-6.45 	     Reading by Susie Lingham  (30 min)
                Susie reads a selection of her recent writings with Zai
                providing classical guitar improvisation.

7.00-7.15       Sound installation by Zai and Kai (15 min) Jam session with guitar, hi­hats cymbals, jaw harp, harmonica
                and looped sounds.

7.30-7.45	      "Brother's hair, sister's fair by Sia Joo Hiang (15 min)
                Joo reads her recent writings with support from George
                providing sampled and live sounds from mundane materials
                and objects.

8.00-8.15 	     Reading by Adrain Bestium (15  min)
                Adrian¹s solo contribution includes reading his own words
                with the help of sampler and synthesizer.

8.30-9.00  	    Dance movement by Jason Lim featuring Adrian, Zai and Vertigo (15 min)
                Jason Lim presents a series of body/dance movements with
                sound improvisation created by Adrain Bestium, Zai Kuning
                and Vertigo.

9.15-9.45       "Passion Fruit",Indera Tasripin and Misumi Susaki collaborate with Vertigo. (30 min)
                Indera and Misumi provides improvisational dance
                movements with music provided by DJ Vertigo.

10.00-11.00   Vertigo
                Closes the event with some chill-out electronic vibes.