March 9, 1999



A bold and unique sculpture exhibition featuring the works of major Asia Pacific sculptors to be held in Singapore from May 1999 and returning for the next few years thereafter will add weight to the international perception of the country as a Global City for the Arts.


Titled Volume & Form, the exhibition, the first of its kind in the world, will take place from May 21 to September 5, 1999. This unique show will transform Singapore into a gigantic art venue and highlight the best of sculptures from the Asia-Pacific region in indoor and outdoor venues around the island. In subsequent years, the exhibition will feature the works of other artists and sculptors from various regions.

The exhibition, involving 150 leading sculptors from 20 countries and 250 of their works, is organised by Mr Jonathan Benavides, Managing Director of 3D only Art Consultancy. It has attracted major sponsors, including TIME magazine.

Art lovers will be able to follow the outdoor Sculpture Trail, which leads through the city and public parks. They can also view more works in indoor venues like the Singapore Art Museum, hotels, retail complexes and more. The Sculpture Trail will run from the Botanic Gardens to the business district, with indoor exhibits also at Changi International Airport and Far East Square.

"Volume & Form adds significantly to Singapore's growing arts calendar. It also brings an Asia-Pacific dimension that helps to strengthen the growing international realisation of Singapore as a world-class city - cosmopolitan, gracious and vibrant." said the Singapore Tourism Board's Director, Lifestyle, Mr Lim Chwee Seng. "It follows in the footsteps of popular events like the Eternal Egypt exhibition at the Asian Civilisations Museum and the Guggenheim exhibition at the Singapore Art Museum."

The STB is supporting Volume & Form as well as actively promoting it regionally and internationally. Advertising, videos, television programmes, press conferences, media visits, brochures, sculpture trail maps, posters, direct mailers, an exhibition catalogue and a 100-page guide to the sculptures on display feature in the marketing communications programme that the STB is conducting to publicise the exhibition abroad.


The exhibition also spans three other festival occasions - the Singapore Arts Festival, the Great Singapore Sale, the Singapore Food Festival and MillenniaMania, Singapore's unique salute to the new Millennium.


"This will give Singapore an artistic and festive air during the year and also serves to underline the cultural dimensions of the destination," the Board's Mr Lim said. "For art lovers, this provides an additional lure to Singapore and for all visitors, it adds another perspective to their experience."


The official travel operator, Ken-Air, is organising tours which will cover arts and culture in Singapore, with a special focus on Volume & Form.


Volume & Form will also attract the attention of world-class art companies and art investors, to confidently invest in the local arts scene and expand their operations to Singapore.


Besides art events in public museums and outdoors for the public, Singapore has become a regional arts hub for Southeast Asia, with regular auctions by Sotheby's and Christie's as well as exhibitions of high-quality international art ranging from Keith Haring's sculptures to Chinese contemporary artists and fossil art in private art galleries.