UTTERLY presents
Between 2 and 3
an exhibition of wire sculpture by
Victor Tan

Special Preview:
Thursday 20th September 2001, 7.30 pm
The Gallery Evason Hotel
76 Robertson Quay
(junction of Mohd Sultan and Martin Road)
Tel: 849 8686 / 9735 4287
E-mail: utterlyart@hotmail.com
The exhibition continues to 7 Oct 2001
10.30 am to 8.00 pm


A pencil sketch on paper usually conveys a sense of immediacy with ease because strokes can be applied quickly, following the rapid motion of the artist's hand. Is it possible to convey a similar vibrancy and essence using a solid medium such as sculpture? Between 2 and 3 presents Victor's investigations into this intriguing question. His chosen medium, wire, affords him one advantage that bronze-casting or ceramic work is unable to, that of a particular quality of line. Wire can capture the outline of a human torso with precision and speed, particularly in the hands of someone as skilled as Victor. Wire can also emulate the filling in of a figure outline, much as the application of several pencil marks shades in and provides volume to a flat contour. This ambiguity between techniques which are more commonly applied to one medium than another provides the uncertainty as to whether the work is more of a two-dimensional than three-dimensional nature, or otherwise somewhere in between - Between 2 and 3, so to speak.