Dear friends of Plastique Kinetic Worms,

We are pleased to inform you that vehicle is offering advertisement spaces to artists at low rates.  Advertisements can be in full colour or in black and white.

Below are advertisement rates for your kind consideration.

For more information, please email editor_vehicle@pkworms.org.sg


1 colour banner= SGD$ 150.00
4 colour banner= SGD$ 300.00

Deadline for submission [issue03]: 9th September 2001.

NOTE: This special advertising rate is only valid for artists/creative individuals without commercial representation from galleries and other art organisations.

Dear friends,

Greetings from Plastique Kinetic Worms. We're writing to you with regards to the publication of Vehicle's second issue. VEHICLE is a journal that aims to discuss and inform readers of what is happening in the art scene in Singapore as well as in the region. Very little is known about the thriving Contemporary art scene in Singapore, what artists are doing and an in-depth information of the arts, articles, reviews and reports of exhibitions held in Singapore and in the region. With very little information available on visual arts in Singapore, Vehicle aims to provide information of individual artists with a ‘feature of the issue’ on selected artists.

As much as this journal aims to contribute to the regional cultural discourse, it is also designed to be useful. The art directory, a guide to art exhibitions in Singapore and the region, will provide latest updates and information of exhibitions held. Unlike major art magazines sold on the racks, Vehicle will also include residency programs available throughout the region and hopefully be able to provide information on international residencies available to artists. Last but not least, Vehicle will be Plastique Kinetic Worms’ attempt to document the events and programs presented in our space and given the opportunity to work closely with artists and writers from the region.


Vehicle will be published quarterly each year. The journals will consist of about  70 pages or more and it will cost S$5.00 a copy. About 2500 copies will be circulated to art spaces in the region as part of our effort to bridge closer working relationship between artists, art spaces, galleries and institutions.

I hope that you'd be interested in Vehicle. Should you need more information, please feel free to email or give me a call at 324 3221. I look forward to your reply.Thank You.

Warmest Regards,

Juliana Yasin
Plastique Kinetic Worms

Tel: 324 3221 Fax: 221 5634