Dr Tan Tse Chor Art Award

The Art Competition, organised by The Singapore Art Society, provides a platform for artists to showcase their artistic creation and provide recognition for their achievements.

The total prize award is $20,000

Categories: Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Ink Painting, Representatonal Painting and Abstract Painting.

For each category, there is one prize of $3000, and 2 distinction prizes of $1000.

Size of artworks should not exceed the following: Chinese Calligraphy and Chinese Ink Painting: 200cm x 90 cm, and for Representational Painting, 100cm x 100 cm.

This competition is usually held in October each year.

For competition details: write to Singapore Art Society, 10 Kampong Eunos, Singapore 417775 or telephone: 743 0609, or fax: 468 2920.