featuring three Singapore based artists,
Parvathi Nayar, James Speck and Christine Lim

Opening on Friday January 18 2002, 630 to 830pm,
at Alliance Francaise gallery, 1 Sarkies Road, Singapore
the exhibition is an affiliate project with the Nokia Singapore Art show

"TimeCycles" by three Singapore based artists.

Asian Art Options presents "TimeCycles" a collaborative art installation
utilizing three different art media: digital animation, film and
traditional painting.

Held at Alliance Francaise, January 18th - 31st 2002, the exhibition will
feature nine paintings in mixed media, ten television monitors displaying
digital animation of the paintings and a short film, which contains both
elements of the paintings and the animation through a narrative of its own.

About the artists and exhibition

TimeCycles begins with the 'Book of Hours,' a series of nine paintings by
Parvathi Nayar. Nayar uses the energies of the female form to represent
different times of day, within a 24-hour cycle. From pre-dawn, the moment
before dawn that Indians call Pratyusha, the imagery travels via the
changing light through the waking sunrise, morning warmth, mid-day heat,
afternoon shade, evening twilight, pyrotechnic sunset, desolate night-time
and mystical midnight. There is no real beginning or end, the paintings
work as a continuous loop.

James Speck uses Nayar's nine paintings and animates them in his own
sequence on a computer screen. He freezes distortions of the work and
produces life-size images of his form. James' creation symbolizes cycles
of technology and human intervention. He plugs in codes, manipulating the
images from the vantage of disrupting the cycle of a technical progression.

Building on themes of repetition, modernization, and progression that
humans have or have not the ability to control: Christine Lim extends the
idea of the cyclical nature of time into a short film, entitled 'Cycles',
shot by Sha Ying from CNBC Asia. In manipulating the speed, subject and
exposure of images and sounds, she suggests the influence of emotions on
the repetitive elements around us. Lim's film, made possible by a grant
from the Singapore Film Commission, threads life's repeated processes,
woven with a simple story that traces the course of a relationship from the
joy of first meeting to the disappointment of breakup, only to begin again.

About the Artists


Parvathi is a painter and writer hailing from Kerala who has trained in
both the Indian and Western art aesthetic. Parvathi has resided mostly in
Singapore for the past 13 years, but has also lived in Jakarta and London.
In addition to pursuing her art, she is employed by The Business Times as
an arts correspondent covering the local, regional and international art
scene. Her artwork has been exhibited in solo and group shows in India,
Singapore, and Indonesia.


James is a creative director who has spent the past three years creating a
virtual female VJ who is featured daily on MTV. With a degree in Fine Art
and a lifelong passion for animation, James arrived in Singapore in 1994
and founded his own company focusing on 3D-computer animation. Originally
from the US, James has been a graphic artist for over 20 years.


Christine Lim is a Singaporean born and bred independent filmmaker trained
in the UK and Canada. She began her career as a local stage actress and
moved on to become a theater director, television producer, filmmaker,
lecturer, writer and broadcaster. In 2000, she left her job as the Deputy
Director of the Singapore Film Commission to start Pentimento Productions,
a company devoted to producing Asian documentaries. Her most recent
projects have taken her to Cambodia and India.