The Spirit of Nature
Paintings by Prabhakara Jimmy Quek

Jimmy does not limit himself to one style, yet his paintings are unmistakably and distinctly his own. he invades the sensitivities of the viewer with a provocative combination of movement and vivacity of color and light, creating a superb mixture of poetic images, evoking a deep satisfaction, be it excitement or tranquillity.

This collection of paintings can be likened to a lesson. The viewer is also the participant and becomes enlightened to the myriad colors which exist in nature - the purple and pink of twilight, deep, almost sinister darkness of ravines in mountain ranges - light water reflections - the bright sparkling power of sunlight - colors of which we would previously be unaware. The changing transience of movement of water, evaporating mists and a million other things of natural beauty which are interpreted by delicate impressionism or powerful statements.

Jimmy signs his paintings "Prabhakara" which is his Sanskrit name, the interpretation of which means "Store of Light", and we have here more than 40 pieces of that source of light in the spirit of Nature.


Della Butcher