The Substation Associate Artist
Ho Tzu Nyen presents

4x4 – Episodes of Singapore Art
Episode Four: Lim Tzay Chuen – The Invisible Artwork

11 Oct 9 pm, Arts Central 2005


Episode Four: Lim Tzay Chuen – The Invisible Artwork
Written and Directed by Ho Tzu Nyen
Starring Lim Kay Tong and Angela May

Features Alter #11, 2002, an unrealized proposal for an artwork by Lim Tzay Chuen, who recently represented Singapore at the prestigious Venice Biennale. Lim had proposed for a bullet to be fired into an art gallery at the National Institute of Education from a nearby range.

This episode uses the scenario of disagreements between a television host of an arts documentary and a television viewer (both roles played interchangeably by Lim Kay Tong and Angela May) in order to examine a host of issues connected to Lim Tzay Chuen’s proposed project.

4 x 4 – Episodes of Singapore Art is presented by the National Arts Council and The Substation as part of the Singapore Art Show 2005, as well as Arts Central.


On Lim Tzay Chuen

Lim Tzay Chuen was born in Singapore in 1972. He lives and works in Singapore. Lim has a longstanding interest in the manipulation of existing social and institutional relationships and structures. His work combines seemingly contradictory notions of invisibility and architecture, romanticism and administration. By creating particular situations, or acting as a catalyst, the artist aims to shift the dynamics, often taken for granted, that construct our everyday experiences.

Lim's interventions are often imperceptible, or unfold over time, and hence it is difficult to assess the successes or failures of his projects. A number of them have yet to be realised, but sometimes it is the process of negotiation that forms part, if not all, of the work, such as his recent attempt to uproot and ship the 80 ton Merlion statue from Singapore to Venice for the 51st Venice Biennale.