The Friday Event

The Friday Event is a series of discussions around local issues and the arts. It aims to provide a space for a critical analysis based on these issues, discussing and consolidating the concerns of today's society in relation to the artist and the arts.

This event was initiated by a group of artists who wish to kickstart discourses about issues normally swept under the carpet. This event hopes to come up with a set of documents that would bear witness to experiences so real today, which may perhaps be a means of resource fo the near future.

We hope to bring together 20 artists over a 4-month programme. The range of artista includes both the established and emerging and hopes to cover diferent aspects of the arts from literally, to visual, and to dance. The Topics in discussion are ensorship, Funding, Art Communities, and Women and Art.

Venue: Substation Classroom
Time: 7.30-9.30pm