Tastes Just Like Sugar (It's me, I'm here)

by Heman Chong aka NoSleepRequired

25 October 2001, 7.30pm

Plastique Kinetic Worms, Singapore

as part of WORMS III Festival


Synopsis :

Tastes Just Like Sugar (It's me, I'm here) is a

collection of 10 short

videos by award winning video artist, Heman Chong aka

NoSleepRequired. Like many of his videos and

installations, the misc-en-scenes is typically urban

and work often deals with the relationship between

individuals and the physical city.

The event of a departure surfaces as a recurring

factor in his work. Sites of transit are expressed as

points of an engagement between the stationery and

motion; the moment where anything can happen and

everything does happen... airports, piers, hotels are

familiar sights and sounds within his many works.

The videos in Tastes Just Like Sugar continues an

investigation into the condition of loss, a

construction of a visual and aural landscape that is

both ironic/factual, utopic/dystopic, funny/sad.

Having shot the videos across a wide selection of

cities (London, Tucson, Singapore, New York, Ancona,

Brussels, Berlin, Kinnersley, Kuala Lumpur, Paris,

Madrid), Heman Chong collapses the distinct localities

into a new country that exists within a people who are

constantly on the move, finding home only in these

in-between spaces that floats around in Tastes Just

Like Sugar (It's me, I'm here).