Sun Yu-li performing on-site painting at MITA Atrium, "Mapping of the Universe - Exploring the Milky Way"

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If heaven is the chessboard and stars are the pieces, who plays?

If earth is the guitar and roads are the strings, who plays?

For thirty years, Sun Yu-li embarked on a relentless pursuit of a formal language of the metaphysical which he coined as the "Universal Language". He found it.

The basis of the language is found in the system of 64 hexagrams in the ancient classic, Yijing (Book of Change), edited by Confucius in the 5th century BC, which is said to hold the riddles of the Universe.


“In life we often find ourselves searching hard in vain for something, but turn around and find it in the least expected place.

For thirty years, I embarked on a relentless pursuit in search of a formal language of the metaphysical which I coined the "Universal Language".

My chanced discovery 30 years later, stunned me with a revelation – this Language I had searched so hard to find was ultimately founded on a set of heavenly pure and simple basic elements and stringing rules, yet together, expanded to produce the dazzling brilliance of an almost hellish resplendence, capable of representing the infinite complexities of the Universe.

I firmly believe that in the coming millennium, this Language will be our key communication tool as we search to understand the myriad of opportunities hidden in our Universe.”

In his talk, Mr. Sun will use simple terms to explain in great detail the "Universal Language" he discovered, and why he feels it is the ultimate theory for the research into supercomputer, artificial intelligence and life science fields.


The talk on the "Universal Language" will be held as part of the Nokia Singapore Art weekend series by Mr Sun Yu-li and his guest speakers.

Speaker : Mr. Sun Yu-li
Commenter : Mr. Silas Yeo & Colin Okashimo
Title : Metapatterns - The Hidden Language of the Universe
Date : January 12, 2002
Time : (3:45pm - 5.00pm)
Venue : Singapore Art Museum Auditorium
(71 Bras Basah Road)