Singapore Performance Artists In KL


Amanda Heng
Lee Wen
Jason Lim

Will show their work  & speak about performance art in the region

On: Wednesday, 16  August  6.00 - 9.00 pm
At: 1st Floor, 20 Jalan Medan Pasar, Kuala Lumpur

(Pale orange building behind Central Market. Near the clocktower,
HSBC and bus stand Go Through the VCD shop and up to 1st floor.)

Lee Wen, an Artist village member, famous for his 'Yellow Man" series
of performances, presently lives and works in Japan and Singapore. He
has performed  throughout the world, including the Werkleitz Biennale,
Fukuoka and others. He works in poerformance, video and other forms.

Amanda Heng, a founding member of Artists Village, presents work which
deal with women, sexual and gender rights and inequalities, abortion.
a short profile on her work can be found in the most recent Newsweek
magazine. She presented work this year at the Asia Pacific Triennale
and the Werkleitz Biennale.

Jason Lim,  also of Artists village, is becoming known for a
particularly chaotic performance style. Lim is  an accomplished
ceramicist, and works in installation. Lim has performed extensively
in Asia and Europe.