karya baru SIMRYN GILL

Oktober 6 - 28, 2001 opening is on Saturday, October 6, 5.30pm
Aras 3
Suria KLCC
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
tel: 60. 3. 581 7070

pameran diadakan denga kerjasama
The Substation, Singapore

Simryn Gill's new work at GALERI PETRONAS, Dalam (Inside), is a 
series of over 200 colour photographs of the main living areas of a 
wide cross-section of Malaysian homes from all over the peninsula. An 
important aspect of the project was the actual process of taking the 
photographs. The challenge was to persuade people, many of whom she 
did not know, to allow her entry into their homes and then to take 
photographs, not of the homeowners or residents, but simply of their 
main living areas, with their things and furniture as they were.

Dalam is a site-specific exhibition created specially for GALERI 
PETRONAS. As part of the landmark Petronas Towers-a symbol of 
Malaysia's aspirations for progress and wealth-the gallery offers a 
potent site from which to contemplate the inner dimensions of these 
aspirations, particularly since the project space where the work will 
be shown has a view of the city centre. The "grand view" from the 
world's tallest buildings contrasts with the "ordinary interiors" of 
Malaysian homes. Simryn's work plays with questions of how do we live 
our private lives, and what do we surround ourselves with in the 
intimacy of our homes?

Simryn Gill was born in Singapore, grew up in Port Dickson, Malaysia, 
and now resides and practices art in Sydney, Australia. Her work has 
been exhibited in such major international art events as the Venice 
Biennale (1995), the Istanbul Biennial (1997), the touring 
exhibition, Cities on the Move (1997), The Asia-Pacific Triennial in 
Brisbane (1999), and the Berlin Biennale (2001). She has had solo 
shows in Adelaide, Birmingham, Brisbane, Helsinki, Liverpool, London, 
Kitakyushu, Manila, Melbourne, Perth, San Antonio, Singapore and 
Sydney, and has public art commissions in Manila and Yokohama. Highly 
regarded by international curators, artists and critics, Simryn's 
work has been written about in various art journals, including ART 
AsiaPacific, Artlink, Art + Text, Contemporary Visual Art, and