S H A V E     R E P O R T

               excerpt from the 1992 report submitted by the artist to the             

Singapore International Foundation





...In retrospection, the experience at Shave was invaluable. On occasions, I felt not as one artist, but a few, vicariously working on different projects simultaneously. I gained a feel for their approaches and techniques, and was able see the works in their eyes. In solitude, an artist may remain untainted in attitude and purer in vision, but the artist as a whole will not grow, and his vision may strangulate him. The artist who is prepared to absorb and filter, distil and amputate, always experiencing, always preparing to lend his ears, he will grow in pace with his ambitions. I had taken risks and its battering, but the end of the courageous path led to a strengthening of resolve, and a renewed sense of mission. No artist can be resistant to change: Artists must be the harbinger, announcing its presence in the thin air rather than be blasted by the hurricane of truth when it becomes obvious...




Chng Nai Wee at Shave International Artists Workshop, 1992