The Minister for National Development unveiled the Public Sculptures Masterplan 2002 at the opening of a sculptures exhibition at One Fullerton. The Public Sculptures Masterplan 2002 identifies key routes, activity areas and specific sites where new sculptures are encouraged to be installed in public locations.

Sculptures enhance the attractiveness of our city and bring an added creative dimension to our streets, sidewalks, parks and plazas. Hence, a Public Sculptures Committee (PSC) was formed in 1988 to encourage sculpture donations for our public parks and walkways.

From January 2002, donors of public sculptures can enjoy a tax exemption of up to double the appraised value of the sculpture. As a further tax incentive, the donor can also carry forward, for five years, any 'un-utilised' amount of the granted double-tax deduction until the value of the deduction is fully used. Donations of public sculptures made from estates will also be exempted from estate duty.

Under the Public Sculptures Masterplan 2002, three parks and four walking routes in the Central Area have been identified to install new sculptures.

The three parks are
1. Fort Canning,
2. Marina City and
3. Pearl's Hill Parks

The four walking routes are
1. Orchard Road,
2. Singapore River,
3. Central Business District and
4. Marina Bayfront Corridors

Numerous sculptures are already located in these areas, which are part of an integrated network of activity corridors, parks and open spaces.

Within these areas, URA also identified five strategic locations as landmark sites for prominent sculptures. These prominent sculptures, possibly large-scale installations, will not only strengthen and enhance the district character of these areas, but can also become future landmarks at these locations. These five areas are:

Locations Possible sculptures
Orchard Rd Corridor Junction at Orchard/Scotts Rd Contemporary, visually exciting and avant-garde in their concept and design theme.
Pocket Park at Orchard/Grange Rd Junction
Fort Canning Park Hillside facing River Valley Road Incorporate landscape elements to relate to the green environment.
CBD Corridor Finlayson Green Design theme that relate to the business and financial hub activities in this area.
Junction at Robinson/Maxwell Road